Friday, May 23, 2014

Poor Godzilla

Craziemob's off to see Godzilla today.

Personally, I don't have that many expectations for it. Except perhaps for a bit of brainless scifi monster movie action. I had similar expectations for Pacific Rim and thought that was pretty awesome.

Godzilla's been a monster movie staple for decades. He's the mutated superbeast lizard with fiery breath that beats some of my colleagues after they've had chilis and curries.

As an aside - one of the unfortunately funny times in Warcraft was when I had my character eating the Dragonbreath Chilis. Normally you use food in WoW to get more health, to hit harder, to generally boost the character. But there are fun ones ... Some turn you into pirates, some into ninjas, some into skeletons. And then there's the Dragonbreath Chili. It's from a day gone age of WoW, right back into the original game. What's it do ? If you get hit, there's a chance of a belch. OF FIRE !

How cool is that ?

Bashara the warrior turns into Bashara the Godzilla Tank.

Did the tactic work in game ? Yes. And no. It was a little too good. I used it for an encounter where you get a ridiculous amount of enemies appear and you break the 40 into teams to manage them and stop them hitting the boss who is under your control at this point. My job was to get as many mobs as I could get to have their attention on me. The chilis were great for that, as the fire breath would grab extra enemies. No ? Because it grabbed the ones we didn't want on me.

Oh well. It did have the side effect of making half the raid go "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT !" Always something worth doing.

But that aside. How about Godzilla ? What kind of challenges does a mutated descendant of a T-Rex face ?
Haha - But life isn't always like that
How about keeping in shape ?
But at least they gave our ancestors motivation

But evolution has got around that by now surely ?
Awww come on. Someone give the poor wee fella a hug.
But they don't have it all bad
Oh and with the right equipment, you too can be :
I'll leave it there !

PS If you see one of your pictures here, leave a comment with the credit. I've raided them from Google Images lookingfor ones that don't have a (C) on but ... there's all those naughty people who slice the "I did this" off the pic.


  1. It was a fun film. Rather better than I expected.

  2. Yeah. Lots of wholesale property destruction, as is good and proper for a Godzilla movie. Bit of character detected in the big fella too.

    A very worthy movie.

  3. Those images were pretty funny. Please visit my blog. It will help me to be excused from taking one of my final exams.


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