Thursday, March 13, 2014

RIP Cooker

I wouldn't normally do a "something is broken" domestics post but ... I have a reason ;-).

I've lived in my current house for a little over 12 years now and one of the things that was inherited was the cooker. It's seen nearly daily use. Well, the fan lower oven has at least. It's done pretty well too, more than 12 years for a domestic appliance is what we should be getting out of them, it's a sign of modern times that new stuff doesn't last so long.

Anyway - first sign of impending doom was when the main house breaker tripped. Never seen that happen here before. Usually it's the fuse for an individual circuit, if a bulb blows then just the fuse breaker for the lights trips.

I thought it might be the central heating boiler (that's another story!) but I'm now hoping it was the cooker. After maybe 40 minutes, the lower oven wasn't making any heat. I think I need to go shopping ...

Ok. That's far enough.

What was the reason I mentioned ? I spotted the pic below yesterday morning and I was dying for an excuse to repost it :
I promise to not abuse the local take aways (too much) until the cooker's replaced. Besides, the top oven still works, even if it isn't as aggressive as the lower oven was.

(If I disappear from work with food poisoning, then oops ... I trusted that lower oven too much !)

I also wanted to post this one :
After the floods, conditions have improved. So hopefully the cricket season won't start in conditions like that.

It may not actually be until Easter when I can replace the cooker. Got some busy weekends coming up, plus I'm still nursing my state of health. I'm in better shape than this time last week ... but still struggling a bit. I put all my energy into work time with not much left over for evenings.

Still - I am improving :-) I'm in much better condition on the outside now than I was this time last year so hopefully I'll be able to play in a few games.

Last bit. And it's topical too with that broken cooker :

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