Monday, March 17, 2014

Hunting ...

I'm out and about today and tomorrow.

I've been lucky recently, work has given me excuses to play with the car more lately than I usually get to escape the office. Perhaps I'm being let out on good behaviour ?

Must do something about that. More CRAZY NEEDED !

Anyway - in the middle of the travel today, I had a few perfect excuses to :
You can find some great stuff in motorway service stations (which I was stopping in anyway - a headache for most of the day meant coffee therapy).

I do like collecting the dwagons. I swap between them as avatars. Here's my two favourites :
Look at that PizzaDwagon ! He's on a mission.

There's a few more escapees today that came back with me from Wales :

Quality's a bit lacking in those, you can probably tell the first one was taken in a (stationary!) car ... But they'll do me for avatars for a little while.

More travelling tomorrow. What will I find ? We shall see !

Oh - If any readers are heading to the EGXRezzed show at the NEC at the end of the month, I'll be heading up there on the Friday :-) It's the best day. My favourite Yogscasters will be there (Kim is adorable, Hannah is hilarious, Sjin does great builds and Duncan is ... very similar to me). And ... so will the SteamGirl. I can see myself being dragged round that show at a very rapid rate of knots.

And I'll enjoy every second.

PS It's in Birmingham - I may also be able to drop a birthday card in with someone !
PS2 The boiler has apparently joined the cooker in RIP - it's off at the moment and the computer is providing the heating. If I turn it on, it makes so much racket you could probably hear it from where you're reading this. Think something spinning and whacking metal. It's ok for hot water, so I can still shower and wash dishes but ... needs fixing.


  1. Things seem to fail in clusters. A few years back, our furnace, washer/dryer and vacuum all died within a month of each other. It was a very expensive time indeed, and I'm now wondering when the next cluster will hit us. It's only a matter of time.

    Hope your head feels better soon. Nothing worse than long drives and a pounding head. Great to e-see you again!

  2. I wonder what's next. Perhaps it will be the telly and I'll have an excuse to get a 3d set :-)

    Headache disappeared after a while - the coffee therapy works. Which has scary implications on my level of caffeine dependency.

    Great to e-see you again Carmi ! I have to admit that while I've been keeping posting thoughts here, I've not been looking at other people's blogs too much lately. I've been missing out ;-)


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