Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas Everyone !

That means you too ! Yes You ! You of the humbug persuasion !

Almost bed time here ... 1 more sleep :
 I'm not expecting much though :

I've happily been able to steer the parents away from Facebook, although they did threaten to get me socks again. Must do better vetting on the ones I pack when I visit.

Spare a thought though. I'll be lucky to be in a warm house with power that will have an awesome family dinner, with us all together in the warm. There's loads of people in First World Britain who won't have that privilege and a multitude more in the world who won't have much cause or ability to celebrate.

Also spare a thought for the absent people. This will be my first Xmas without my nan and I know a few more who will be missing friends or relatives.

And for those who have been caught out by the adverse conditions. Yesterday would have been really bad to travel in and the aftermath (where the rain that fell in the hills flows down the rivers and floods the lowlands a day or so later) is hitting at the moment. Travel for me today was totally clear, I got the right part of the weather window this time. I'll be keeping an eye on the forecast though because more terrible weather is predicted for Friday. It'll be good to avoid travelling on that day.

I'm getting distracted ... Or maybe I'm thinking a lot about other people ?

Is this one of those rare times when my tendency to digress and be distracted and scatterbrained is actually a good thing ? Lol.

Hope you have a good festive season, that you enjoy it and get cool stuff. And maybe ...
(click for legibility)

Gief snow ?

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