Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Targeting : Pasty White

Birthday yesterday. Yey !

Perhaps. I'm definitely feeling older on the inside these days, although I try and hide that as much as possible.

So - what did I do ? Went to work as usual. There's two different ways people approach work on their birthday. Some come in, some take it as time off. I prefer to come in so I can grin at people. I much prefer being around other people than being on my own.

Ok - so how does that tie in with living on my own so much ? Yawn. I get by with keeping up with what's coming over Facebook, not so much blogging these days, by watching the amusing gaming related videos, by trying to make people laugh over online chat. (I kinda miss the WoW chat, there's some amazing characters there)

It wasn't all work yesterday though. I had the follow up appointment at the doctors. I have to say, the experience has improved since the first visit :

Visit 1 - waited over an hour past the appointment time. Saw bloke doctor. Meh. Sure, I'll look at a male athlete's body and think it's attractive but my thoughts are mainly "How can I be like that ?"

Visit 2 - waited a while again, saw lady doctor. Impression ? Brain the size of a planet but a little disconnected from reality. As in didn't quite perceive the universe the way the rest of us do. Cute from that certain point of view though.

(I'm sure there's a few people who think much the same of me)

Visit 3 - shorter wait, more normal lady doctor. The sort of person who would look stunning if they made the effort. Better drugs too, they cleared out the infection although there's still damage to repair.

Visit 4 (yesterday) - shorter wait again, different doctor again. Total - KNOCKOUT. Wow. She had the sort of looks that would have nightclub bouncers letting her not just bypass the queue, they'd be paying her to go in. Oh and she was chuckling at my vague attempts at humour too.

Yep. I believe I managed to remain rational and intelligent in the face of all that beauty.

Prognosis ? Recovering steadily. Doc didn't think I needed any drugs this time (reckon the infection has been dealt with) but she was worried about the remaining bits of me that are still angry looking. So I'll keep doing the Hide & Treatment thing until I'm all pasty white again like a proper geek should be.

Keep that Yellow Face away. It burns.

So my birthday evening was spent watching stuff on the telly while hiding in my main room trying not to get the gunk I'm treating the damage with on anything.

That sounds pretty bad doesn't it ?

Yes. From a certain point of view. However. I look back to a fortnight ago and remember all the damage I had then. I remember how wretched existence was getting. I remember having to remove work outfits as soon as possible when getting home. I remember trying to keep the ickiness of the infection under control. I remember trying to keep it hidden while at work and to avoid it affecting my performance there.

And then I think - I'm now far more healthy than I was then. I'm getting the most important birthday present anybody can get - my health.

And that's far more valuable than anything monetary or material. Although hugs would be awesome too.

Cakes tomorrow ! I have a visit to the contractor's place but on the way back, cakes will be acquired for work.

PS I also have to thank everyone who's been giving me support (or just treating me normally) when I've been down.
PS2 Trolling contractors is far too amusing.


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