Monday, November 12, 2012

(Not) Spending cash again

Apologies in advance cos this is gonna be a scattergun post :-)

Headed up to the Mall again tonight. Just ... felt the urge to wander. Plus there's a kinda novelty back to it now.

I'm not totally healed up yet but I'm hugely improved from where I was just 2 weeks ago. That's best summed up as "wretched". The thing that was consistently dominating my thoughts was "must get home, must get the self-treatment done". I'll spare you the icky details but heading out for a Mall run was the farthest thing from my mind. I missed a few leaving do-s in town (including the original Finance Angel's one) because my skin condition was quite frankly, embarassing.

Most medical conditions can be hidden away. People either fight through exhaustion, mask depression, conceal illness or isolate their sneezes at home. Skin conditions are different. There's an intense feeling of embarassment associated with it. It's out there on the surface to be seen by all. With me, it was under my right eye and on my ears. It was also on my arms and legs. A skin thing is something that makes you want to hide away, not due to fear of infecting people but due to knowing how icky it is.

Waaaaait - Post Derailment Alarm triggered !

Things have much improved now, to the point where I can quite happily head off to the Mall on a whim for a wander.

It's kinda dangerous though, because I haven't bought myself much yet for my birthday. Ok, so I did pick up the Space Above And Beyond series from (ultra low price - had to). I've not bought anything major though.

One big thing from tonight : "Smile and the world will smile back at you"

I've been having pretty ladies smile at me. Not sure why. Perhaps it's because I look like a human again and not someone you see on those disease outbreak movies. I caught one of the girls in HMV looking at me (she was on till and bored cos no-one was buying anything) and sending a smile my way. So she got the Big Grin (tm) when I spotted her.

Been getting lots of opportunities tonight to use that Big Grin. Wonder if it's down to what's working out as a Wolf Man look. My hair's about as long it has been right now, plus I've joined in with the Movember thing.

Maybe I should keep the moustache ? :-) :-) :-)

Hey - spending money. I have 2 big items on my I Want List at the moment :

iPhone 5 - I'm definitely thinking about pensioning off my current phone and the iPhone 5 is very tempting. Especially as I'm already locked into iTunes. But ... £269 up front and £15 more a month than my current contract ... not so tempting.

Steering wheel for PC - This is being held off at the moment more from people not wanting to sell me one than it is from me procrastinating too much. With these, you have to spend a certain amount or what you buy breaks within a couple of months. But ... the various techie shops at the Mall don't appear to want to sell the next tier up. I may get one eventually, although I don't actually have anything to race with one yet.

I feel the Need For Speed again. Forza scratched that itch for a while but the Xbox360 platform is getting very archaic now.

So - spending big cash tonight : resisted. But - it was good to escape the house for a little while tonight, although I'd kinda like to have tagged along with someone with the excuse of buying them dinner. There's stuff I need to buy but I just don't think of looking in the places that sell the stuff I need to buy.

Doctor's again tomorrow - I'm not completely healed yet but things are improving. I'll be curious to see what she says.

PS I did buy something at the Mall tonight, collection cd's from Texas and Johnny Cash have arrived :-)

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