Monday, August 28, 2017

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We've been enjoying a fairly sunny bank holiday here, which effectively means an extra day off and a 3 day weekend.

I have, of course, been inside looking after my tortured toes and watching the cricket while doing lots of internet spaceship flying. I have to admit, the addiction is waning a little bit although I think that'll come back more when I'm back in the bubble getting new ships to fly.
I've had that particular ship for very many light years so far :
The green line is approaching the start point again .... Although I will admit, I have abandoned the thought of coming back along one outer galactic arm in favour of straight lining it back again.

And seeing sights like :
I came out of hyperspace at the White (actually very very blue) star and quite possibly bounced off the yellow star behind it. This is after I turned around to take a look.

Yep. Still enjoying seeing the sights in the game. I've produced a third video (which is starved for views so far, I have 19 total to date and this one on docking has just 2), although that one saw the return of nvidia's capture software also unintended, capturing my voice too. I'd recorded that separately and told nvidia to ignore the mic (I know why it happened, I have my mic set to "Listen to this device", so Windows mixed it in).

I think I have sufficient footage to put a fourth video together, involving bimbling around the Colonia region and doing flybys of a megaship plus there might actually be an asteroid base in there. I also have footage from the open beta site. I must put a voice on that at some point. I won't be doing many more videos, unless I decide to make series out of games like Halcyon 6 or Cosmoteer. I've gotten what I wanted out of figuring out what goes into video making, it's up to others really to ... give me the motivation to produce more and the views aren't telling me that's something people want. Plus the days of making a fortune from youtube in your spare time are long gone !
Outside of that, I'm doing ok. I'm seeing slow repairs happen on my outsides. Situation normal there, it's ridiculously easy to set back any healing that happens but it is happening albeit slowly. I just have to give it chance.

My neck has got better ! It started recovering on Friday I think and has relented over the weekend.

I've been watching the cricket too. It's shaping up to be an exciting finish tomorrow, although hopefully not too tense a finish. I'll be happy to be able to disappear from work at about the normal time tomorrow (need supplies again) with the game done and dusted by tea with another England win.

I do like not knowing who's going to win in a game but I also like England teams to win. (Except maybe the footballers cos they ain't really an England team are they ...)

It'll be a great weekend of cricket next weekend too. I still need to watch Spiderman Homecoming ! First thought was to watch that on Friday pm when there was no cricket but .... I hadn't realised the ladies were having their finals day. Want to watch that. Solution - tv box recorder ! And then the mens T20 final is on Saturday. Been saving up my pizza tolerance for that.

Dark Tower was pretty good this week. It kept the tension up and did the required thing of bringing the viewer in steadily to a new and complex world. Definitely enjoyed that. I also enjoyed watching Valerian, making me the heretic amongst the Work-Ish mob.

I'll quite happily be a heretic if it means I'm enjoying something. Hmm. Maybe out in public isn't the best place to admit that.

Let's see .... I need ..... A DISTRACTION !
(Yes - the paint needs a severe case of retouching !)

First Earth like planet I've found so far in the travels.

Signing off for now but not before :

If anyone reading this is in Texas, stay safe !

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