Friday, August 18, 2017

Making Movies

Something new today.

I have a video rendering at the moment .... I've done the picture editing and the writing here but video is something I haven't done yet.

It didn't quite go as planned. Haha, I wanted to upload something around 30 minutes but it's ended up being just over 1 hour. Oops. I talk too much and I've fast forwarded through some of the bits of me talking as well.

This is a learning thing really, I fully expect to be hiding the forthcoming video (it's still rendering) and making it private because it falls far below the standards that I'd want to have out there. But .... it's a first learning effort and the point is to pick up all the lessons from it.
It should, however, look amazing. We shall see ! It's currently halfway through the rendering stage, where the 1 hour video will take 4 hours to convert. And then there will be more time needed to upload it to Youtube. That's another point of this learning exercise, to go through that whole process to see what's involved.

Anyway ... I used the nVidia GeForce Experience thing with its game overlay to do the recording. This seems to work really well ! Except for it capturing your microphone in the same audio track as the game audio. This is a problem because you can't independently adjust the levels or mute yourself when you're sniffing or sneezing.

It happens.

I'll update with a link to the video or try to embed it when it's up. We'll see how it ends up ! There's a lot of me rambling, lots of pretty spaceship piloting periods, 3 bits where I fast forward all the jumping and treat you to some non copyrighted music ...

And hopefully you can forgive some of the things like really bad mic sound !

Ahh - one thing I'll do next time is still allow nVidia to record the gameplay audio and video but I'll record me through the Audacity software. That way I can boost my still not working that well microphone up to balance with the audio of the game. Until it's split, you're at the mercy of the levels being a bit odd.

And I think that will up the quality no end.
Perhaps enough to do justice to the pictures ?

I'll also watch out for that length, as 1 hour 5 minutes is really too long. A lot of people do their splits by running to the end of missions, or breaking at 20 to 25 minute points. I don't think that would have worked here, although I can do short videos when I'm at the black holes or later when I'm back in the populated bubble doing trading or other things like that.

Perhaps a script as well ? Nah. I like freeform speech/rambling and making up that script as I go along. I need to watch the umms and arrs though.

The render is scheduled to finish at about midnight here, where I'll hopefully be heading off to either sleep or start it off uploading to Youtube. We'll see.

Before then though, I'll be resting up the pilot at Polo Harbour before heading off into the core :
(Shush whoever spotted that the pic is actually Gagarin Gate ! You shall expose yourself as an incorrigle spotter :-) ).

I'll be picking up more video making ideas though and hopefully making polished shiny ones soon. I think Cosmoteer will give me good material to talk around ... and some of the role playing games with their storytelling.

Later !

PS Addon. Someone I know at work is celebrating a birthday today ...
Happy birthday Miss S ! There may have been cake ... It has mysteriously disappeared now ... :-D

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