Monday, May 22, 2017

Conserving Strength

Gosh !

I'm proper exhausted at the moment. My brain is still good for barking off in random directions doing all sorts of things, usually several at once. But the body is needing new batteries.
I think it's a combination of things. The first and big one is the bugs that I'm still fighting off. It was a classic 4 days of gunky nose bug plus sneezes. On the Saturday, it took all I had to put the washing in the machine.

I was able to do the work thing all last week but that's mostly sitting at the desk getting stuff done. That takes mental energy but not necessarily physical energy. I'll be ok with a break, which will happen next week and I should be good to get through this week, the weekend and the Lords trip on the 8th. Oh the other thing is potential Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is becoming more widespread. I definitely have a kind of feeling where I should have energy but that energy is locked up in an iron cage and I can't release it.

It be Comic Con next weekend. It's been great for the past few years that I've gone to them. Lots of shopping yes ... but also lots of amazing stuff to see, particularly the cosplay mob. Maybe this year there will be stream meet ups too. I'll keep my eyes open, although I don't think we'll dive into the video people's stand. Perhaps though .... a little learning from last year to meet a celebrity actor or two. That's awkward though. The way they organise it involves a long queue to buy a ticket to get into them and then more queue to actually get the photo with them. And this needs to be done an hour or so in advance.

Good to see that Yogscast is back in the good graces there. There was a falling out last year which seemed a bit silly. I watch barely any of their stuff now (I'm not their target audience any more, they've shifted to catch young adult/adolescent) but we need content creators like that to get on and succeed, because that opens doors for other content creators.

It'll be great to go back this year. I must collect pictures for posting.

Had a great day yesterday too. Pub lunch with great company :-).

Friday - Alien Covenant. I actually quite enjoyed this movie, which probably showed in me not finishing the popcorn bucket (it was a rather large bucket). It's a pretty decent scifi movie but like Prometheus, it has no business being in the Alien franchise. In that, it's a cheap cash in on the Alien universe, a classic example of how you can destroy a story by telling too much of it.

Without dropping into spoiler space, it adds detail that completely and utterly clashes with events in other movies. I just can't see how they would resolve those conflicts.

That said, I'll probably pick it up when it goes ultra cheap on the bluray. Not a 2 for £25 movie like Passengers and Fantastic Beasts or a £10 movie like ST Beyond and XMen Apocalypse. (Guess which 4 blurays escaped with me last week !) Maybe a 5 for £30 movie.

I've also picked up Alastair Reynolds Revenger which has a promising start (and is reminding me about writing narrative!) plus Jack Campbell's first prequel to his Lost Fleet series.

I'll enjoy reading those.

When I have more energy !

Oh wait .... reading doesn't actually need much energy.

Read more !
Reading is good for you. As is orange juice apparently, which is on my list of "drink this and die" (It stops me breathing).

I promise that reading will not kill you ! Erm. Going now before my exhausted rambles get too random :-).

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