Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beware Patient Zero

So I picked up a ManFluPlague again ...
It's not too bad. Certainly not something that'll keep me away from work tomorrow.

I'm actually far more worried about a friend at the moment. They've been out of contact for a little while now. Hope they're ok. If you're that friend and you're reading this, drop us a text or a FB message (my phone has been reluctant to receive texts ...), let us know you're ok.

As for me .... ManFluPlague started to make itself felt on Wednesday and I kept my bugs home on the Thursday with a first spell of working at home for a while. I got away with it on Friday before going splat when I got home. Saturday had the Radderss 12 hour charity stream going and now back to regular streaming today. I'll be back at work tomorrow.

I have my work laptop again now .... although it's actually stationed at work again due to a daft desk sharing policy we're starting next week. Yep. Even dafter than cramming a team that needs maybe 20% more desks than we have allocated to us into the space we have. Tomorrow morning could be mayhem.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Yep. That ManFluPlague isn't too bad. I don't tend to get sick too often, at least I don't usually notice it when sniffles are actually sniffles and not the ever present allergies. This time, it's a bunged up nose, stuff in my lungs, a distant lack of energy and focus that's going missing.

The energy debt is what leads to the lack of focus though. I did manage to put the washing in the machine yesterday but that took pretty much all I had. It took a while before I could summon up the energy to take it out of the machine. (I did and it'll be good for work tomorrow).

It did mean that while I did dive into the games, I found myself making the daft errors that tend to be costly in the games I'm playing at the moment :

Darkest Dungeon - maybe I'll see this one through into a campaign playthrough again ? Maybe :-).
XCom 2 - this can be brutally unforgiving. Run a soldier too far ahead of support and they'll activate a group of enemies with murder on their minds. I'm making excellent progress on the current play through. I have a group of soldiers with the skills and gear to complete the final mission now but I'm farming as many Steam Achievements as I can get.

And I didn't even think of going back into Elite or Mass Effect Andromeda. Elite wants focus and shooter games like the Mass Effect series wind me up to a level that demands energy that I don't have at the moment.

I think I'm coming out of the bugs at the moment though.

It was good on Thursday to listen/halfwatch into a stream by Kim, who I used to talk about a fair bit here. I'd lost touch because the videos had gone away from what I'd been interested in. She's best with indie style games with a story, where she can ramble on around the story and genuinely include the viewer in what she's playing and talking about. And that came through very strongly on stream too.

I'd originally tuned in to have acceptable background noise (I'm not inflicting daytime TV on me) on while doing the working at home thing. I find silence to be intensely distracting and need something in the background. I'm glad I tuned into Kim again and it's got me talking to some of the great people in her Discord chat server too.

So yeah - ManFluPlague and the continuing effects of the damage to my outsides (it is gradually repairing still ... gradually) but hanging on in there.

Good people to chat to;
Fun people to watch live;
Warm feelings from having people say "Get well soon";
(in person behind a breath mask and online!)
A lot of worry about a missing friend;
(she'll just be busy - I hope!)
A steady supply of tissues (for the nose);

And hopefully not too much longer until the bugs are gone.

Be well everyone ! Which probably means not being near me until I'm no longer contagious.
Can't promise anything about those smiles though :-D.

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