Saturday, August 06, 2016

Looked back, time to look forward ?

It occurred to me that yesterday's post had a lot of looking backwards but not much for what comes next ?

I'm looking forward to a few things at the moment. The big one for the next few weeks is sport. But there are also the games and I should really check for new music.

I'm also getting healthier apparently, which is a bonus. Hopefully that continues and I don't ruin it again like I usually do !

Sport ? Olympics just started and it's where we watch all those sports we rarely watch at any other time, while cheering on our people. It's a special time.

I quite enjoyed the drama of the cycling today and I'll enjoy watching the women's race tomorrow. The course is a true Olympic test, probably the most dangerous and challenging one there has been in the Olympics. There were a few broken bones too (we think!). Hopefully there won't be too many serious injuries this time round.

I was watching our GB ladies in the Rugby Sevens too. That's a scarily powerful and skillful side. They could go a long way. I missed the hockey but I don't think I've missed much, our GB men hockey players haven't been too good for a while now.

They currently have the gymnastics on at the moment so I'm half watching that, half watching the Chrissa Mass Effect 3 stream and listening to the musics. Current track is the sad "I'm Scared" by Duffy.

Olympics has so much sport, I'm interested in some, not interested in most. That's why the gymnastics is only being half watched at the moment. Same with the athletics and more with the swimming. Gymnastics is high skill but doesn't really interest me. Athletics and swimming are just "how fast", there's no real skill there.

But I still want to know who wins. That's the best kind of sport, where anyone can win and where the result is in doubt until the last few seconds. We had that with the cycling today.

We have that with the cricket as well. I'll be glued to that all day tomorrow as well. It's England and Pakistan still and all 3 results, Win, Lose or Draw are still possible. Probably be a draw but I think it'll be close.

There is more cricket to come, the domestic Twenty 20 season has its quarter finals over the evenings of next week and the final Test match starts on Friday. Yep. Lots to watch. Probably too much to watch !

It's not just sport though.

There are a few games coming soon which I am .... a mix of looking forward to and curious about.

New games have always been a bit of a mixed bag. If they come out when they're ready, they can be pretty awesome. The two Paradox games I've been enjoying (Hearts of Iron 4 and Stellaris) have been liked that. But other games are rushed out and are bug ridden messes. So what's coming that's on my radar ?

No Man's Sky is the big one. It's another Internet Spaceship game like Elite but looks like it's more focused on a journey to the centre of the galaxy rather than the all round game that Elite is. They're both quite different. No Man's Sky is more like a solo player exploration thing and is more developed in that than Elite is at the moment. Sure, they have a grand 10 year plan for Elite but I'm not wanting to wait that long for it to be fulfilled.

NMS comes out at the end of this week and I'm curious to know whether they pull it off. I'll watch a few early reaction gameplay videos (and a stream) for it and then make up my mind as to whether it's worth the time. But that won't be until after the Olympics.

Another one for after the Olympics is the next Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided. I really enjoyed the first of the rebooted Deus Ex series, Human Revolution. I should probably play the old original at some point. These are first person shooter games with strong elements of role play mechanic as you build up your character's abilities.

The first was a cracker, so I'm anticipating good things from this one.

There are others coming soon too, games like :

The Flame In The Flood - another explory survival game.
Space Run Galaxy - tower defence ... in space ! I enjoyed the first of these.
Factorio - build a factory, escape a planet you crashlanded on.
Rimworld - build a space colony.
Starbound just came out properly, I may pick this up when it's on sale next.

But the key thing is - when they're ready. One does not preorder video games any more, there is too much potential for your money to be wasted on unfinished rubbish. And we have all those youtube and streamer people who show us what the games are like with no filters. So we see all the problems as they encounter them. Or we get interested in playing games we wouldn't have thought of getting.

Must give Battlefleet Gothic a good run sometime soon.

But first - Olympics ! Cricket !

Lots to watch. Will watch the Suicide Squad movie as well soon, that should be a cracker.

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