Sunday, May 08, 2016

Cookie Cutter Cometh

I think I need a bigger Internet Spaceship hangar.

Or hanger too as I just nearly typo'd there. That's such a common typo !

But before I go off on one about typo's ...
Shiny. And with a boarding ramp beckoning ...

Hangar :
Is something you put aircraft in to protect them from the weather.

Hanger :
Is something planes hang from.

Haha ! Enough of silliness ! Internet Spaceships ?

The picture above was of a brand new ship for me. So new, I haven't taken it out of the station yet. (I need more in game cash to fit it out properly). But I did take it out of the hangar with the intention of Cadburyising it :
That's not the Cutter, it's an Imperial Clipper that I actually still have. It's in mothballs in one of the other space stations. It's so pretty I wanted to keep it instead of stripping it for parts when part exchanging it for the next ship.

Yep. Finally finished that rank / reputation grind I've probably mentioned here a few times. No more having the game open in the background, occasionally hitting the "donate money" button when it was available. Nah. I had a good little session flying around the place doing missions in the Python called "Michonne's Wagon". If I get another Python it'll be named after Guido van Rossum, the inventor of that programming language.

(Name comes from the HeyChrissa stream. Michonne is the main character in something she'll play soon and Wagon comes from what they keep calling me - I go by the name SleepyDwagonman there and they keep calling me the Wagonman ... haha ! And Michonne is said very similarly to Mission, which has been the prime purpose of the Python)

The Imperial Cutter is going to be called the IMV (Imperial Merchant Vessel) Min Maxer, unless I find a better name for her when I get more cash. My trading vessels have all been named with various cookie related themes and Min Maxer combines Cookie Cutter with how that phrase is applied to gaming. The Cookie Cutter build is designed for a purpose, to beat a specific opponent. It protects against the attacks and attacks the weak spots. It minimizes certain elements, maximizes others.

I will Cadbury-ise it (make it partly purple !) at some point but the base screenie I grabbed didn't have the right lighting. Here it is :
As the Imperials say, it needs to bask in superior lighting.

The problem with making it purple is being able to select the ship, instead of the surroundings. I may try again later, selecting the ship with rubber band lines instead of the similar colour selection tool.

One thing that hits you in these games is a definite feeling of "Ok, job done, what next ?". I probably won't go back to Planetbase after completing the 4 planets (almost complete on the 1st) and getting all of the achievements.

With Elite, the plan is to set off in another ship, the "Fly You Cookies Fly !". It is an Asp Explorer and I'm going to set off around the populated systems bubble trading all of the rare items. I'm going to try the long range smuggling route as well. I may even ... set off around the galaxy in the Fly ...

Picture ?
Shiny gold ship is shiny.

Oh and I'm also trying to stop myself buying yet another game. It's called Stellaris and it's in the space strategy genre that I've enjoyed playing for a very long time. The sad thing about the genre is that there hasn't been much to come out to beat the ancient Moo 2. This one does look promising though.

But I will resist.

I will fly my Internet Spaceship around the galaxy. I will build colonies for the Planetbase Pixel People. And only then, will I look at putting those two together with Stellaris.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends !

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