Saturday, May 14, 2016

Are your ears ready ? Eurovision

It's here again !
Yep. My twitter feed is going nuts at the moment. Oh - I've that picture before but it sums it up so well. I've used this one before too :
That sums up some of the entries pretty well too.

Eurovision is a curious thing ... and that's before you get to the nationalistic judging. It's a cultural thing we indulge in every year, a song contest where you have the occasional cracker mixed in with so-so songs, wannabe popstar songs who are just missing something, the toneless hacks, the weird, the attention seekers and the just plain bad.

But we still watch it (or I'll have it on for the songs and then put my own music on while the judging is happening).

If I remember right, Sweden's song won last year on the back of a very gimmicky stage show and a highly repetitive song. That's one of the themes, a mediocre song is buried underneath a boppy dance track or the gimmicky stage show.

You also have the curiosity of performances so bad they must be planned that way. (I don't think Sweden wanted to win it again this year).

Who do I like so far ? It's on song 12 by Poland so far and from what I've seen, Belgium and Bulgaria are fairly ok. (I'm not going nuts over them by any means).

Apart from Eurovision - I'm having a chilled out weekend after burning myself out somewhat in the week. I really need to curfew myself from the games because the Pixel People Planetbase game has a combination of Just One More Day ridiculous addictiveness combined with being supremely easy to play. You just tell your Pixel People what buildings to build and what to put in them and that's pretty much it. There's a little more interaction and the orders take some planning but ... that's it.

Actually makes for compelling gameplay as you see if your Pixel People can get through the latest disaster. So far on this planet, the Ice planet where you are dependent on wind power only, they've escaped* death from running out of air due to lack of power and they nearly ran into a food crisis ...

*(escaped - translation : after half the colony died at once due to running out of air, I reloaded an earlier save and then learned how to manage the power better).

Yeah - I'm putting the time in on this one and really enjoying building up the bases. On the Warm Out There Base :
I'm in that Job Done phase where the colony needs to grow to 300 people and I need one more technology. Job Done being where you have all 10 milestones for having the colony a certain size, for surviving, for having robots, all the techs, building daft monoliths, things like that.

But I have been playing it at daft times like 2am, 3am, even 4am. That's when you have to look in the mirror and ask "Am I addicted ?" and answer in the affirmative. And addictions are really bad things to have.

(We have a definite Boy Band wannabe on Eurovision at the moment - definitely not my type).

I've also been playing the Elites, as I tour around the galaxy trading in all sorts of rare goods. If you don't have much capital (and I started this run on 800k credits), then rares trading is really effective. Normal trading tends to net you around 500 to 1500 credits per tonne. In the Cutter, that will be far more effective with its 700t cargo hold. Rares trading gets you 16000 credits per tonne. It can get the balance built back up again fairly quick.

Oh - Croatian tailoring and dressmaking - there are ... no words suitable.

Elite ? I'm about 6 million up so far and just started the next run around the rares circuit. When I finish that run, I'm going to try out the Long Range Smuggling which supposedly gets you up to 20m-30m credits per hour. Not a bad boost !

But I may be having a break from the Elites because the rozzers caught me smuggling stuff and I didn't realise until a few systems away. They first give you a fine and if you don't pay the fine within a week, you get a galaxy wide bounty on your head. And then the cops and stations shoot you. That doesn't end well. So I'll keep my pilot in the station while the bounty is active.

Eurovision - I think Spain forgot to fill in the gaps in the lyrics in their song. Pretty lady, has a bit of a voice but needs to stop with the heavy breathing.

Where was I ?

Possibly enjoying the gaming a little too much. I was pretty wrecked yesterday after finishing work. I'll reserve my strength for when I need it but then go zonk when I don't need the strength. So I started switching off after walking out the door from work.

So nearly bought the Lego Le Mans car though. It's on offer for 20% off.

Oh - another Boy Band wannabe ! Seen an Ed Sheeran wannabe tonight too. Haven't seen anyone that I'd be interested in following up on though. There are usually one or two.

On another note though - telly cricket season starts very soon ! Awesome !

Yep. I heard that groan. It's just like the one from the last entry (didn't catch who ! Malta up next). (oh - it was Ukraine, terrible song, not the way to put a poolitical message across)

Time to disappear now into maybe more buzzing around the galaxy.

Oh scary ! Big Disembodied Head ! Phew. She got her body back. Not many more left now.
(picture is from story at the link)

Again with the flashing light show ! Georgia have actually gone for a song that you might hear on the radio. Shoulda finished it off though.

If you don't hear from me again, I'll have been reduced to a dribbling photosensitive puddle courtesy of the various light shows.

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