Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, Monday

We were planning today ...

It's the first time my little team has been all together in the office since ... last year ? There's not actually that many of us, we've just had gaps in the team and we all support various other offices and therefore travel a lot.

So we'll have a little get together some time soon. Been making another Cunning Plan actually ...
Gotta love the minions.

Cunning Plan ? It's the gaming convention on Friday. I'm really looking forward to that. There will be the SteamGirl on the prowl, likely tugging me around everything at Warp Speed. There will be the Yogscast girls Horrible Hannah and Killer Kim (their pirate names from hyping Assassins Creed IV). That'll be the highlight of the day. I'm hoping for at least one hug but the highlight will be the live shows they're due to do.

Hannah does a running commentary on games and there is absolutely no filter. It can be hilarious. And kinda dangerous as I'm actively considering acquiring Assassins Creed games I definitely would have avoided before. I bought the latest Tomb Raider as a result of watching the Hannah playthrough.

Kim doesn't do the commentaries on AAA type games much but is joining in with the Minecraft fun, as well as running As Live gaming of horror games. The games are usually pretty bad but the girls make it compelling viewing. Kim has an incredible laugh too that erupts at every excuse.

Oh the horror game commentaries are a bit :
With the viewer of the YT video going "which will scream first ?"

Oh - the Cunning Plan involves cosplay. But a highly toned down form of cosplay. Cos my body is still not behaving itself, I wouldn't want to think of doing any true cosplay. I have to tightly control my temperature and things that rub are Bad News. But ... a custom T-Shirt with one of my dwagons on it ? Hell Yeah !

Especially as it will also fit the "Let's do something on St George's Day" plan the team at work have.

I have a couple of components the Plan will need but am lacking one, which is probably the easiest :

T-Shirt transfer paper - got some, it's old, never used it. May not last long but it should do for a few wears.
Iron - yep, I do actually own an iron. Don't look so surprised !!!!
T-shirt - need to acquire one. Asda, Sainsburys or Matalan should do and they're between work and bus, I just need to acquire one. I didn't tonight, as the bus was arriving just as I got to the Sainsburys stop and it would have been lots of minutes before the next.

Talking about my body ... I still need to have my allergy test but one thing I do know :
 Hahaha - I declare allergies !

And last thought for today :

Muttleys are an incredible barometer of what people are like. They adore their People but avoid those they don't like. I'll be looking forward to getting slobbered on by Ben the Staffy at the weekend and I suspect Murph the Lab will be along as well to cause a bit of mayhem.

Cats can do something similar, although cats are more a solitary animal than dogs. I did take quite a lot of pride from having my landlady's cat choose my lap to sleep on at one of the places I lodged at.

You have to treat the small & furrys with respect. They'll return it to an infinite degree. I've seen a few things lately about animals not being treated with that respect. It's not so much the story that upsets me in those cases, it's the look of distress on the face of the animal.

This world is too nasty already to cause distress to anything, especially the defenceless. It's far better to have kindness in how we approach the world.

(And I tell myself that every time I tackle traffic !)

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