Sunday, August 05, 2012

Returning Dust Bunnies Kill Vacuum

It's going to be weird tomorrow - first day back at work after the week off.

I've got so used to keeping an eye on X different channels of Olympics, it's going to be a wrench to cut myself off from it while at my desk. Or maybe not, I expect I'll be busy enough to disappear into my tunnel and only come out for updates when I take a break.

Next break will be in a couple of months time when another project milestone approaches. Similar for this one, we've just had a massive milestone which this time passed smoother than ever before. The next milestone will be somewhat different, it'll be for a project just starting instead of a project hitting its deliveries.

That's a weird feeling too. The past 12 years have all been about Deliver, Deliver, Deliver. Now the deliver phase is finishing, that project is transitioning to its support phase. We're still buying stuff for it, like you'll keep buying stuff for your car. Or maybe not normal people buying stuff for their car, more the nutters I see on the CT forums who modify their car into something ... strange. However, we're also learning a hell of a lot at the moment about what we have Delivered, with all those lessons about to get ploughed into the next project.

(I'm having to be deliberately vague about precisely what I work on, although I have left a clue in one or two of the 714 posts published here)

I needed the break - my batteries were getting severely depleted from piling the hours in at work. I've not been physically tired (outside of cricket), it's more a mental tiredness from putting in the Deep Thought to think through the problems we see. It just happened to coincide with week 1 of the Olympics :-).

I've not done much over the break, apart from watch an obscene amount of sport :-)

That laziness was mostly enforced, due to the back injury I picked up in the cricket on the Wednesday before the break. It took until Tuesday until I could move reasonably well again, with me not really being ready for a cricket match I'd have played in on Thursday (if required), if that game hadn't been rained off.

How am I physically ? The back feels good now :-) Slightly stiff but that's fairly normal. I'm not 20 any more. The thumb I damaged is still ... damaged ... but that's ignorable. I can drive and I should be able to write.

My legs - are still not all fixed yet. They're hugely improved from where they were last year when the skin would break at the slightest excuse and they ulcerated out to a significant portion of both calfs. They basically just wouldn't scab up to repair themselves. Now, the hair is coming back on my left calf and I suspect they'd be completely healed by now if it weren't for an obsessive compulsion to scratch ...

Must exert more discipline.

The leg problem has had a significant net benefit though. The discipline needed by the "diet" pills (actually antibiotics) convinced me I could alter my eating pattern to something significantly healthier. Before, I'd graze at all times of the day. My metabolism therefore thought it could stay fairly slow, as the energy intake was fairly constant. Shifting to include deliberate fasting periods during the day seems to have kickstarted it into being as hyperactive as I can remember. I think that hyperactivity has let me burn off the fat.

But ... while I appreciate having much better definition on my leg muscles now, I think I'd prefer losing a bit of the belly first ;-) I'm down 1.5 stone now on when I started the diet. There's more to come but - slow & steady so it doesn't immediately come back on. I've maintained the 12.5stone weight over this week, which is a good sign. My energy output hasn't been high, so it shows that I've matched the intake to avoid gaining the weight back.

I have managed to achieve something over this holiday. I coulda done with dealing with the weeds before they become unmanageable again and I seriously need to blitz the other housework. That effectively got put on hold due to my back making it very difficult to move.

What have I done ?

Killed the vacuum ! Or rather the dust bunnies have. Been having issues sleeping, mostly due to slight breathing problems. I've been worse with the wheezing but even slight breathing problems freak me out when I'm trying to get to sleep. Or it could be due to not being physically or mentally tired, thanks to the break.

I managed to vacuum half my bedroom tonight, before the vacuum decided it had had enough ... Think I'll be avoiding Hoover next time around.

Right - it's just about time to watch those Fastest Men On The Planet, so it's time for me to sign off - g'nite all :-)

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