Thursday, August 02, 2012


(Quick note - I started this post talking about Olympics but ... read on - something else took over and I've saved the Olympics one for another day)

With my own cricket, I think I may have jinxed out the rest of the season after buying another helmet on Tuesday.

One thing I wanted to talk about actually, which I may leave for another post (nah - tears won) so I can do her justice - I've found the strange sensation of tears coming during games ... I'm quite an emotional chap but keep the emotions behind walls that are tough to break down. Yet, on a couple of occasions, I've felt a tear coming down my face during a game.

It's for a lady called Katherine (aka The Rose), who we lost to breast cancer in Spring. I didn't actually know her that well but I'm still remembering that smile that answered the big grin that usually accompanied me doing the Meerkat thing as people walked past my desk.

In the games, the tear would follow me explaining why I've been wearing the Pink Hat for as much of this summer as possible. In the last game, it was me telling one of the umpires (borrowed from the other team) what the Pink Hat was about. And good lad - he wore it. I'd switched to the helmet and had to hand over the hat because it was slipping down my trousers and protecting the back of my right knee.

In a sense, it's not just Remembering Katherine, it's remembering everyone else that we've lost whether that be due to illness, accident or in service. (I've seen what losing friends in service can do to people - help the survivors where you can, part of them died with those they lost)

I'm glad I had the idea to don the Pink Hat this summer. I'm also ... relieved that I didn't make a big thing out of collecting as :

The wetness has caused more than half the games to be cancelled
My own fitness stood up but my body rebelled with injuries
I'd have felt very uncomfortable pressurising people to contribute when they cannot afford to live for themselves
(Money's tight these days)

But I am very glad that I decided to don the Pink Hat for tribute. I hope it's raised awareness. Or at least that enough people know about Pink + Sport = Awareness to realise why I've been wearing it.

Despite how hard we try to, we cannot remember everyone we've lost over the years. I have a stunning memory (mostly for pictures, i.e. beautiful smiles) but cannot remember everyone I've lost.

So I started with just one. I remember Katherine.

And I'll close with that cos I can feel those tears coming again.

PS Just cos I didn't collect doesn't mean others won't appreciate it - click here if you'd like to make a contribution.

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