Sunday, February 19, 2017

So a new song happened ...

Not wanting to talk too much about me at the moment ... Cos there's better things to talk about !

(I'll give an update at the end).

I've been rewriting the songs again. Adding it here so a couple of extra people can see it.
This time it's inspired mostly by the lovely Lauren (aka Radderss - see link on the right) who has just started playing the game The Witcher 3. There's a bit of inspiration from Yogs Hannah too, who spotted this from a short play through she did of the same game. You see, there's a non player character in there who has lost something ... She says it in a really broad country type accent. And the country people in this game definitely have something in common with deepest Zummerzet and a little bit of the Devon too.

Yep. She says "Moi Pan" in a way only a local could.

My mind couldn't let it stay at just that though. Nope. There had to be a song. Especially when the lovely Radderss (who just got partnership with Twitch - hurrah !) started singing the Combine Harvester song.

Here it is. And don't click on the Combine Harvester link ... It'll give context and tune for what's coming but ... listening to Wurzels has been known to endanger people's sanity. BEWARE !

The way this one is intended is that it is being sung by the Moi Pan lady, who is brandishing that pan at a rather scared looking but normally ultra tough looking Witcher fella (monster bounty hunter) called Geralt. She gonna get her man if she has to hit him over the head with her pan and drag him back to her house.

A Serenade for Geralt :
You rode your horse Roach through my hayfield last night
(ooh aah ooh aah)
I threw an old pan at the door HEY YOU QUIET
(ooh aah ooh aah)
Now something's telling me
That you're avoiding me
Come on now darling I've got something you need

[Chorus] Cuz I got a brand new fryin' pan
An' I'll fry you some tea
Come on now let's have the fry up
It's gert lush can't you see
I got bacon rashers
An' you got herbs-I see
Now I got a brand new fryin' pan
An' I'll fry you some tea

You make me laugh ha ha

I'll stick by you, I'll give thee all that you need
(moi pan moi pan)
We'll 'ave eggs and bacon
I'm a girl built for speed
(moi pan moi pan)
And you know I'll love you darlin'
So give me your 'and
(moi pan moi pan)
But what I want the most
Is all thy best cards of gwent


Ooaah he's a lovely bit of stuff an' all

For seven long years I've been alone in this place
(moi pan moi pan)
Eat, sleep, in the kitchen, it's a proper disgrace
(moi pan moi pan)
Now if I cleaned it up would you change your mind
(moi pan moi pan)
I'll give up drinking cider and it'll only be tea


Who loves thee Geralt ha

Weren't we a grand couple that last time you danced
Oi wore moi best dress and that fine brasserie
In your new Sunday best with that beard trimmed just right
We had our portrait done, now you have the card

Now I got a brand new fryin' pan
An' I'll fry you some tea
Now that we're both past our fifties I think that you, yes you
Should stop that damn witcherin' and you'll marry me
Cos I got a brand new fryin' pan
An' I'll fry you some tea

Aahh yu're a fine lookin' witcher and I can't wait to get me 'ands on your unicorn !

Haha. I did warn you. I suspect it does need a little context from the game though.

How about me ? Rough week. I had the pizza on the Tuesday night which hit me far worse than usual. I was actually ill ... that hasn't happened for a while. Only slightly ill but still ill. So ... no sleep plus feeling decidely ropey from the after effects.

That's pretty much passed now but my outsides went backwards too. I'll be wearing more of the bandages tomorrow and it's been handy having an extra day off this weekend.

It's not as bad as that seems though, at least my body is attempting to heal up now even if it's just all two steps forward, a step to the side and a leap backwards sometimes. Just gotta manage the damage until it all goes away. It is healing, just very slowly.

That's enough from me though. If you're reading this on Sunday, check out that stream while it's still on !

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