Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The End Of Days Is Coming



And I know what people will be doing when it comes too :
My main phone camera has a crack in it. Which just means ... I shall have to turn the phone around, use the selfie camera and ... selfie the apocalypse !


It is unseasonably warm isn't it ? We're having what you could only call "Mixed" weather at the moment. Yesterday, we had a pretty apocalyptic level thunderstorm. No high winds, just torrential rain and thunder that was shaking the buildings. Today ? Warmest September day for many years.

I was walking around in it too, with a teambuilding event in the afternoon. I was worried for my shredded ankles but they seem to have come through ok. Not unscathed ... but overall I think I'm a little better than yesterday.

That's all you can ever hope for really, to be a little better than yesterday. With the skin condition I've been managing, it's all small steps towards improvement. I'll get there, it may take a little time but ... I'll get there.

No. The real sign of the apocalypse is not the weather. Although global warming is adding not so much heat I think but energy to the air. It is making the thunder louder, the winds more spectacular. We are damaging our planet, hopefully the rocket and space programmes will reach a point where we can establish a lifeboat Out There before the damage becomes terminal.

And on that note ... The end of civilisation is coming !!!
Yep. This is probably the last year of the Bake Off.

Those who do not understand the significance of this, do not understand the importance of cake. Cake is love, cake is life, cake is definitely not a lie. Ask the dwagons.
And me after I saw these lovelies last year :

Bake Off is a light bit of fun with a bit of understated naughtiness in there too with the innuendo. The production company have sold the programme to the rival broadcaster, Channel 4 and the presenters have walked away. Too much money was being asked for and pretty much all that is left now is a tent and a concept. Hopefully the show gets a second wind with a different name on BBC again. After all, any production company could make the programme but what makes it special are the presenters and the competitors, with the presenters bringing out the characters of those who take part.

I'll enjoy watching the rest of this series. Dunno who's going to win. I was very pleased about Nadiya winning last year. She emerged from a shell to be a very fun lady to watch.

I better get back to watching it (and Chrissa's stream too !).

One thing to warn of though. If you see the combination below, I'd just like to say that it was nice knowing you all. All of you who visit, all of you who come back. Especially those of you who pass on feedback !

And don't be like these guys :
Mark my words. End of Bake Off is End of Civilisation As We Know It, is End of days.

PS Another sign is that yesterday, a young lady came up to me and demanded, DEMANDED, my telephone number. That's not something that happens often. Very rare indeed. A portent even that the natural order of the universe is breaking down.


  1. It can only be the end of the world if I have a girlfriend (not unlike the Angel situation) as this would invalidate a fundamental - but as yet undiscovered - law of the universe which states that I cannot have such in consecutive millennium.

  2. I shall keep an eye on you.

    With apprehension.

    And with a view to making ... preparations.

  3. It's the only explanation I can think of that makes any kind of sense....


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