Thursday, July 21, 2016

Scorchy, scorchy, shopping and a meme

It's been un(un)seasonably warm here !

I'd show the picture I took of the car thermometer on Tuesday but I really need to dust off the glass cover for the instrument display. Oh and it also shows the car being in Drive when I took a picture. It also shows a speed of 0mph but ... it could get used against me so. No pic !
Ok. Maybe a different pic.

This week, getting into the car to go home from work I have seen temperatures of :
Monday - 25 degrees. Nicely warm.
Tuesday - 35 degrees. Yep. Plus 10 up on the day before. Not right. Definitely not right. English people don't do well with that kind of temperature.
Wednesday (and today) - back to a comfortable 25 degrees again.

We actually have rain now which is taking some of the heat out of the air.

I think the heat got to me on Tuesday because it saw me head off to the Mall to try and spend some money. What did that little green fella say ? Do ... or do not. There is no try. It does help if the shops want to sell you what you want to buy. What was on the list ?

First and more important - mouse. My Roccat mouse was dire. It didn't have the precision plus the scroll wheel was just really, really bad (it went unreliable and the button pressed when you didn't want it to). Roccat are now on my Do Not Buy list. There is plenty of competition out there. I now have a Logitech G402 which feels fairly good and that scroll wheel works well.

I like a good scroll wheel. And I should probably put the right drivers in for the mouse at some point. Dunno. Hasn't seemed necessary yet.

Second - new monitor. I dunno. My Samsung is ok but I can do better. Like a 27" IPS panel from AOC. I have my eyes on New Shinies. But ... the cheaper place (the retail one) does not have one available within 30 miles. Naff. So I'm keeping the Samsung for a bit longer, even with the white light bleed through that it has had on parts of the display.

Third - new speakers. I've been using my portable speakers for my desktop since the last ones blew up and they do a good job. But I would like to return them to their primary purpose of being portable speakers. I have my eye on a pair from Edifier as they have the least bad rep on Amazon.

Amazon is handy for checking out how kit really does as if it is unreliable, people will not hold back on giving 1* reviews with reasons. Turns out the competition with speakers at the £30 ish price point have problems with their kit having an early death or otherwise poor quality.

I had another look today as a "I will order online tonight and collect tomorrow" but apparently the monitors are gold dust. That's a good sign as it means they're probably worth the cash. I'd have gone to see the new Star Trek movie after too.

Oh well. I think I'll be on the cricket watching too. Or rain watching. We shall see !

Meme ? Meme :

Four names I go by:
1. Sleepy

2. Dwagonman
3. Keela
4. Iceangel
Four places I've lived:
1. Bristol
2. Northern Ireland (classified location)
3. Nottingham
4. Ruskington
Four things I love to watch on TV (right now):
1. Dark Matter. Oh yes.
2. Deadliest Catch
3. Cricket !!!!
4. A Town Called Eureka (reruns)
Four Places I have visited:
1. Portsmouth
2. Orlando
3. Kennedy Space Centre
4. Sagittarius A*. Yep. Really.
Four things I love to eat:
1. PIZZA !!!
2. Teacakes
3. Lemon Sherbet Popcorn
4. Hot dogs.
Favorite drinks:
1. Coke/Pepsi
2. Hot Chocolate - although I react to it now.
3. Strawberry milkshake - been a while, I probably react to that too.
4. Actually developing more of a taste for tea too. Cornish brew.

Meme done !

PS Other news :
Me - recovering still but hyperactivity from the start of the week has burned off and my outsides are improving but still frustrate me.
Dad and Ben - no news. Taking this as a good thing but I must give the parents a call soon.
Stellaris - is an awesome game.
Hearts of Iron 4 could be too. Not acquired it yet.
Fingers crossed for England in the cricket tomorrow.

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