Sunday, March 13, 2016

Something Stirs In The Mists

Another picture heavy post today !

Hmm. I wonder if that means there will be fewer words in the Wall Of Text. We shall see. At this point in post writing, I rarely know myself how it will end up.
There we go ... taster image !

Yesterday was the first chance in a while for me to sit down with enough free time likely to build the most complicated nanoblock kit I've done to date. (Spoiler - it earns its 5/5 difficulty rating). Yep. Easy Saturday staying in, partly because the bugs that have been with me since Xmas were well and truly back in force.

Back badly enough actually for me to admit defeat on Friday and head home instead of having a wander around Bristol centre like that plan had been. Ok, part of that plan had included chilling out at the cinema, dunno what I would have watched though because apart from Allegiant, not much appeals at the moment. And we're planning to see Allegiant with the work-ish mob. I also have a few cinema vouchers for in town which I thought were running out in June ... which actually run out in December ! Must check the actual dates sometimes instead of remembering wrong info.

Pictures ?
Perhaps the most significant time in a ship's life, the keel laying. That's the first couple of layers of blocks down, including a couple of 8x2 for it to stand in.
(for all of these, click for bigger).

A few more layers up and you start seeing why I held off until a quiet weekend ... Lots of bits ! They're roughly placed as they came out of their bags. Nanoblocks are a bit disorganised like that. Or organised differently ? Yep. We see my plank (an older plank, distinguished by parts of the edge covering falling off !) getting steadily more covered in random small bits of plastic.

And a ship.
With the cannons coming in.
And the upper deck, prow and aftcastle getting started. Little spoiler. That mast up front ... is not supposed to be a mast. I suspect I was showing signs of addled brain bugs when I was misreading the instructions and seeing 3d'ish ness when it was actually telling me that wasn't supposed to be a mast.
More colour ! And the deck of the ship taking shape even more. Note - there are bits of white off the edges of my plank ... I still need to clear up some assorted clutter ! (I thought leaving my white sock in one pic was ok !)
And there we have my error with the ... ermmm, that's actually supposed to be a ... bowsprit corrected.
And the amount of cluttery blocks on the plank steadily reduce ... That has the foremast taking shape, most of the ship is together at this point.

All that was needed was the most difficult part ... The masts and sails ! These were super fiddly.
The foremast and flag were ok but that mainmast ... it needed placing on 3 tiny blocks simultaneously and each of those 3 points were super unstable. And I appear to have nearly knocked off the anchor too ... Oops !

Really pleased with this one. It looks (small but) spectacular. I must get my old wooden ship down for a comparison.

I still have a few kits to build. A great mate, Luth, donated a couple of Lego kits which may end up being something different to what they're supposed to be ;-). And I have a few not-quite-nanoblock (same size, different maker) critters to put together to join :
Current avatar ... And ...
PIKA ! Pika now adorns my speakers and Char has taken up a position next to my other dragons.

PS It did take a while to put together the pirate ship. 4 episodes of Sanctuary and 1.5 rugby matches (finished before the second half of the England game started).

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