Saturday, February 20, 2016

Adventures in Space and ... Time ?


Spot the Doctor Who quote. Although I think it's the other way round in that.

Where has this week gone ? Feels like time has been sped up, it seems to be going faster when you look back and wonder what you got up to. This week seems similarly rushed. Let's see if I can remember.

Monday - late at work, followed by a very late (50+min wait) bus and then I took advantage of zero traffic in the main road off my road to head over to Supermarket with the Harvester. It's tricky to get out of my road at the moment, there aren't many roads out of my part of Bristol and considering that they've closed one of those exits (to build the highly unpopular Metrobus), the traffic is absolutely nuts.

I needed more popcorn anyway. And there happen to be Easter Eggs on offer with a Buy 2 Get 2 Free, on eggs costing £1.50. So I have 3 more eggs waiting in the cupboard. Well, actually 2 because 1 will be going to someone else :-).

Can't honestly remember what happened Tuesday or Thursday evening, save that I didn't bother leaving the house after I got in. Think it will have been video watching and general chilling out.

Wednesday was Deadpool which .... I'd thoroughly recommend for some brainless entertainment. It's rude, crude, nasty, funny, irreverent, topped up with all the references. Definitely not one for the kids because it's a proper Deadpool movie with everything that goes with that, the good, the bad and the extremely adult content. Would I watch it again ? I don't think so. But I did enjoy it the first time. And XMen Apocalypse (Deadpool brings in a couple of XMen) should be incredible. I did think the first trailer for Dawn Of Justice showed off that film better than the weak trailer before Deadpool.

Friday ? Ermmm ... I may have taken advantage of my flexi credit to expand the Fleet ... I must get a picture of the whole Fleet at some point when the next addition is built. Oh and then chilling out to a Heychrissa stream last night while I was so exhausted I could barely keep up with reading a Waterways World magazine after watching the cricket (England disappointed again with their batting and fielding).

And a fair bit of Elite piloting today.

The Fleet ?
The one at the front is one I've had for years. Very ickle, very cute. Little things tend to be very cute don't they ? I know some very cute small people and there's one in particular who I'm hoping can be tempted to go to London Comic Con ... Could well be the first time I've driven into London deeper than the tube stations. Car will work out better I think.

The snowspeeder at the back is a new one and was a little bit of Build Therapy yesterday. I should really dive into the From The Depths game (check out EnterElysium's videos) because that looks like fun.

But an idea cropped up with the pic.
(pic credit to Merrena off Deviant Art, Google sent me to the pic which I've used in the background!)

You know how there was an old fad for Geese on the wall as decorations ? How about 3 snowspeeders ... I know. Silly. This is the thing about having fun. Sometimes fun involves being very silly. That can be the best kind of fun. I know I was having the most fun in cricket when I could be silly while still getting the job done. Things like fielding while standing on your head. Yep, did that once, had the grass stain on the hat. Can't remember if I got close to the run out but I was upside down as part of full commitment to getting the ball fielded and back in.

Gave myself whiplash once too ... If you imagine a clockface with straight ahead as 12 o'clock, I was going full speed to 12 o'clock and had to throw to 7 o'clock and to do so and get leverage on the throw, I had to throw myself backwards. On to my head. Yep, saw stars that time. But it almost got the job done, definitely gave the batsman a fright.

Wonder if there is a bigger Snowspeeder kit ? I vaguely remember snowspeeder toys being very popular so many years ago after Empire Strikes Back had them in the Battle of Hoth.

I've been back into Elite today as well. One of the strengths of that game is the variation in what you can do in it. It's a fairly lonely game but my interest is kept by changing the target for what I'm up to. The priority has gone through :

Building up to bigger and bigger ships - I reached the Anaconda (was biggest ship for a while).
Touring the galaxy trading rare items - started doing this again.
Helping out with Community Goals - where you take items to a station in return for rewards.
Running missions to get rank with the factions.

The Community Goals keep a faint story going too, today's piloting was spent setting up for one of those by working towards getting a bigger ship. Of course I could have gone directly to the place to get the ship but where's the fun in that ? So I meander about doing missions while on my way to the good shipyard.

I did manage to get one run into the latest Community Goal place. I've done things like fetch metals to build shiny ships (Imperial Clipper, still got one of those beauties) ...
... build space stations and the latest involves taking slaves to a planet where they will be freed and given their own colony. Yep, totally not smuggling the illegal items at the moment.

They should put paint jobs like that into the game actually. It's another Gimp product, where I've used its shading/recolour feature and because the front of the ship was Extremely Bright White, it hasn't recoloured. I like the effect as the purple takes over further aft. You can get a Purple Clipper paint job but ... I don't like it. The solid purple doesn't work in my opinion. Plus it's like £5 for a cosmetic item, no thanks.

Gosh - ramble wall of text alert is going off - time to close.

More cricket to watch tomorrow ! Hopefully better results for both the women and the men's teams tomorrow. No more playing cricket for me though. I am tempted now that I'm so close to being fixed on the outside ... but my insides are more battered than ever. I thought I could get away without seeing the doctor about my hip and shoulder but ... the shoulder isn't particularly happy at the moment. Feels like it has loosened up more and it likes to pop into positions which aren't quite right. Yep, numb hands and things like that. I can manipulate it back into where it should be but ... long term solution needed I think.

If I played cricket again, I'd throw myself into it 100% and damage myself more. Hell, even my left shoulder (which wasn't dislocated but was so badly jarred once that I could barely move the arm for a few days) is creaking and grinding now.

Falling apart ? Maybe.

That's where the games come in - they let me enjoy stuff without the physical intensity.

Oh - I mentioned Waterways World up there in the cloudy top of this post - the narrowboat barge life still has my full interest. I'd love to move onto one. There are 3 options for where to keep it :

Centre of Bristol - convenient for town, not so much for car mobility.
North of Bristol - great for motorway and for nipping up to Worcester for cricket watching, bad for non car travel.
East of Bristol - not so good for motorway, excellent for non car travel (nearby stations).

And then there would be the adventures touring the canal system. It'd be great to combine touring with being able to remotely work. Don't think that's a possibility in my current line of work though.

But it is good to read about the temptation that trip reports in Waterways World give. It's a quieter, peaceful, idyllic life, at least how they present it.

Peace is good !

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