Monday, October 12, 2015

Searching for a little inspiration

Or a little inspiring (person) ?

Been struggling lately.
There's physical fatigue combining with mental burn out as well. I've hopefully identified what was breaking me physically, my metabolism seems to be waking up again since I stopped having the hayfever tablets. I suspect it'll take a little while for those to go out of my system properly but I've felt a little more active and bouncy since given them up. Hopefully that's not just placebo effect.

The mental fatigue is partly bouncing around at work doing stuff, fighting a body that doesn't really want to bounce around. But it's also lack of sleep. I don't know how much sleep I got last night, not very much at all. Not for lack of trying either ! Or perhaps I was trying too hard to nod off. It's that thing again where you're yawning away yet cannot drop off.

Awkward yep.

Been struggling to find ideas for posts too ! There's one coming soon about the Volkswagen scandal. We keep hearing more about that and it's all bad. It looks like a heap of VW owners will have cars that are modified to give far fewer emissions but at the cost of performance and economy. Yet they will need those modifications in order to pass testing.

That's a good thing for everyone else (air quality in cities is high on the sneeze and teary eyes factor) but really bad for the owners of the cars.

What do I think about it being an owner of a low emissions hybrid car ?

Honestly, I really don't care very much about the CO2 or NOx emissions of my car. I care much more about the tangibles that cost me money or give me fun. That's the combination of high power, driveability and economy. My leg has become less painful now that it doesn't have to finely manage a clutch pedal, I get the WHOOSH ZOOM of overtaking and it's both the most powerful and best economy of any car I've owned. (Ok, the CT beats it in economy, but only just). This car cost £10 in road tax this year, my Focus would have cost £290 in road tax per year for a car that ate double the fuel and was steadily destroying my left leg.

That said, I do care about emissions as a whole - see comment about air pollution in cities. I don't think diesel cars are the answer, the fuel is inherently dirtier just as it is more economical due to having higher energy density (there's a chemistry reason for that). I don't think widespread hybrids are the answer either, although they are a godsend for city traffic. Battery cars ? Maybe for cities but they depend on you having a charging point.

Ooops - I didn't think this was going to be about cars. The car thing has been coming for a little while though.

Other stuff ? Been gaming a little, I'm maybe halfway through the Deus Ex HR playthrough. It's a decent game, still has my attention after a few full playthroughs. The Warcraft subscription has been binned, I got to a point where I would have to depend on other people to proceed and that opens you up to the cesspool that is multiplayer gaming with random people. And here I am considering having a peek at World Of Warships ... Oh and there's also Elite (Internet Spaceship Pilot Game), I had another toe dip into that one at the weekend. I'm back to trading. Sadly though, their servers have been very unstable lately since the latest patch went live.

World of Warships ? This is the latest from, I enjoyed playing their World of Tanks game until the grind got boring. The tank game saw 15 tanks vs 15 tanks, varying in size from light scouts, through heavy walls of metal, to self propelled artillery. Fun game, it got the adrenaline going too. The progression model is what hurts the game, around Tier IV (out of X) it takes a while to get through to the next tank. World of Warships is similar, except you're controlling World War 2 ships instead.

Curious. People who know more about me than I put here will guess why !

Oh my - just seen an ad for Mad Max Fury Road. I gotta get that film and watch it again. It's at full price though and I try to avoid getting films for too much cash. I have a backlog of films/series to watch, I can wait :-).

I'm hoping to see The Martian again. I'm still planning to have next week off, although I'm keeping a wary eye on work to see if anything will call me in. (It's options season where we see how much money we need to save, I'm a link in that chain but other people can do what I do). But watching The Martian again would be awesome. I want to get the book read again too to see what was missed from the film.

But it's not just the film watching that would be awesome, there's a special little inspiring person who I have a surprise package for. (Oops - I told her that a surprise package was coming, hopefully I haven't given away too much !)

That's the thing really. I may be fatigued both mentally and physically at the moment but. It's help from other people out there that keeps me going.

The natter with like minded colleagues.
Chatting with the work-ish group.
Messages from the wounded sky angel. May you heal up soon.

Hopefully it won't be almost a week again until the next post. I need ideas ! And Memes ! Memes are always good for ideas for posts. I did enjoy doing the Christmas pictures meme last year, that actually worked wonders in restructuring how I do posts. A little shorter and using lots of pictures to hopefully make people smile and to break up the wall of text.
Oh and the occasional borrowed joke too.

Be well people or ...
Only kidding with the lick thing. Hugs are way better than licks. Unless you are a short haird golden labrador with a rapier like tongue.
Lovely pooch. Another with the tail that often disappeared into a happy motion blur.

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