Saturday, January 03, 2015

Dangerously Elite Piloting

I've been steadily getting addicted to a new game ...

It's still early days at the moment but I've climbed ever so slightly in the ranking system so far and I've started pimping out my first new ship after the starter that you're given.

What's the game ?

It's Elite Dangerous and it's the true spiritual successor to a game I was happily addicted to as a kiddie, the original Elite. It brings back gameplay over the pure Newtonian physics models that wrecked the last two games from this series (and which scared me off this one). There is some physics in here, although where it would get in the way of Fun, it's ignored in favour of scifi cheats that make for a better game.

Did I mention it's pretty ?
Click for full 1080p goodness.

That's me in my Adder ship lining up for a docking. In this station, you land on a pad in that bulged cylinder you see in the nearer part of the station, with the pads being on the inside. You get to the inside through the little blue slit you can see me lining up with.

Yep. Pretty game and I'm steadily getting addicted to it.

It's pulling me into its clutches in a way that WoW couldn't really do and Eve got close to. The problem with WoW is that it's keyed to end game content and they've steadily dumbed down the game over the years. I dunno, WoW just isn't my game any more. When I last logged in, I basically did nothing except cycle through characters for 10 minutes and while I considered doing some mob hunting, the interest paled in seconds. Eve satisfies the risk-reward thing of earning money to get bigger and better ships but ... you can barely control the ships in that game. It's tied to the online servers controlling your guns, you don't do that.

This one seems to be satisfying the single player game hunting aspect of me.

I've not had many fights yet, although I did take the shields off a Cobra (a ship a few classes above the Sidewinder I had) before he got my shields down. I ran from that one because that advantage was short lived. But if anyone tries that with my Adder, I'm a lot more confident I can take them down :-)

That's not my Adder, it's a screenie from the forums. I'll fly the Adder until I have enough capital to get a good Cobra. It'll be a while ...

I'm playing the game with a 3 axis flightstick from Saitek Cyborg. It's a Fly 5 stick. It's ok for its cost but I do miss my old MS Force Feedback stick. The problem with this one is that you're working against springs, rather than the motors in the old MS stick. You have to work harder than you'd like to counter the forces holding it in the middle, which makes for less precision.

But - it's an ok stick for the £50 it cost me a while ago and it's sturdy enough to last a while.

Right - dinner bell is going off, so it's time to hit Post.

See you in the spacelanes (callsign is Cmdr Iceangel) ! Fly safe and may you sweep all pirates before you.

PS There's one hidden benefit in this game and using the flight stick - it means there's not enough room on my keyboard table for snacks ! Gaming as a diet technique ? Haha - maybe.

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