Thursday, June 12, 2014

And so it begins ...

Where half the country gets glued to a certain sporting event and the other half treat it like the plague.

A zombie plague.

I find football to be a good game to play but a poor game to watch. That said, it has its fans. Many of them. An unfeasible amount to be honest.

Will I be watching the World Cup ? Yes and no. It's the premier competition in football but it's somewhat flawed by that as well. There are too many easy games in the competition and I definitely lose interest where the predicted result becomes definite.

Yes - I'll have it on;
No - I'll not be paying much attention to it

Bit like Skynews, I'll have that on in the background but as a little bit of my attention on it while the music is blaring out and stuff is happening on the pooter.

But - there's other things on. The cricket season just kicked into its higher gear with the start of the First Test between England and Sri Lanka at Lords. It ended up a good day for England today, with Joe Root getting another 100 when we really needed it, plus Matt Prior is looking good for a 100 of his own too. Good start to the game. That'll have my attention for the next few days. Hopefully England will be able to work that good start into a win.

Something else too - the Le Mans 24 hour is happening this weekend. I try to watch as much of this as I can. However, bear in mind it's a 24 hour race ... we gotta sleep sometime ! Hah - Maybe. I plan to go grab some pizza after close of play in the cricket on Saturday (18.30 ish), with that cheese sensitivity meaning I'm not likely to succeed in getting sleep that night.

So - Le Mans 24 hour + Pizza should equal staying awake for it. (The reason I struggle to sleep is the excess acid I make - a curse)

However ... the first England game kicks off at 23.00 on Saturday. I'll have it on the telly, as well as Le Mans streaming on the pooter. I'm pretty certain the football will send me to sleep.

And that sleep will be much needed too.

I pretty much hit that wall that people talk about. My condition ain't great right now, from lack of sleep and the self harm that comes from when I lack sleep. I let my guard down and have a go at those half healed bits, which just makes them that much worse. I reckon I could heal up given 4-5 straight clean days but ... I'm not getting those at the moment.

What I need is some concentrated chill out time. Which I'm going to get next week. I hadn't realised how tired I actually am right now so I've taken advantage of not much happening at work next week to take that break. Then I'll launch right back into things with hopefully more energy than I have right now.

Does this sound like a crying out for help ? I guess it does. I'm struggling that much at the moment from that combination of lack of sleep and a body that's struggling to repair all the damage I've inflicted upon it.

But then again, writing posts like this is one way I sort it all out in my head. It rationalises it and puts it in a box I can deal with. It lets me recognise a condition, analyse it and figure out how to deal with it.

I'd recommend it as an idea if you're struggling to deal with your problems. Maybe not put it out on the internet like I do here but perhaps write about it in private. Maybe show it to your closest friends. That's actually what I do here, yep, internet strangers see these posts but my closest friends see it too. They see the Networkedbloggers thingy pop up and click on the link.

And that attention is definitely appreciated.

I don't often take heed of the advice that comes back from it but I'll always give that attention back the other way too.

Is this reading like I'm mega-tired ? (checks for Big Words, ok, there's a few with more than 3 syllables, I'm not too far gone)

Yeah. I'm hoping that with a week off work, I can get some good healing in. And there's a coincidence :

Total time off work = 9 days
Tracks unplayed in the library = 9.1 days

There's potential for me to listen to all those unplayed tracks next week. It's not going to happen I know. Guy's gotta sleep.

Which is precisely what I feel like doing right now, that football on mute on the telly (Sisters of Mercy are screaming over it) is sending me to sleep. Not now ! I'll wait a bit to not disrupt my daily cycle too much.



Cya soon :-)

PS Hallmark holiday this weekend - Father's Day. I've given him a call, he thinks it's a Hallmark holiday too. I'll go up and see them on a weekend that matters. Like the Rotherham at Wembley weekend. It's better to celebrate events that mean more to you than events that mean more to the people who want you to buy gifts for the sake of it.

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