Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Let's hear it for the women

They make everything worthwhile don't they ?

I'm watching the England Women play the Aussies at the moment. It's half time and I've just watched Sarah "Squirt" Taylor bash the highest score by an England lady in the Twenty20 format. Oh and she just happens to be one* of the most skillful wicket keepers in the world game at the moment, that's including the men.

*(not many players would beat James Foster of Essex's keeping)

But more of that in a bit.

Back to work today after a long healing weekend. This weekend I started taking the vitamin tablets again in the hope that they help my skin out. I think it's working ... and I feel better (more energised) on the inside too, despite it being allergy season part 2. Let's hope that healing continues as there's a lot of damage to repair.

It was a random encounters day today ...

I saw the Snow Queen again (I owe you a better name my dear!). It always brings out the grin seeing the Snow Queen and we'd love to steal her away from where she is right now so she can come work with us. She became the Heart of my last team due to being a little bundle of Awesome and it always adds a bit of bounce to my step when I can borrow a bit of that Awesomeness.

Even if I'm trying to avoid bouncing too much at the moment in order to help out the healing ... (my skin is very delicate)

Saw Crystal today too. (It's based on a cricketer's nickname). We share a lot of problems me and Crystal. More than you'd think possible. We both suffer from hayfever that hits us early summer and in autumn. We're both suffering from internal injuries that slow us down (although mine are kinda self inflicted, Crystal's definitely aren't). She's a smart girl is Crystal, we were lucky to acquire her for the project when she did because she sorted out a lot of problems that had been allowed to build.

And she's mad about cricket too. So yep. Usually I'd spend my lunch at my desk playing a card game. But I always welcome the chance to escape and have a natter with someone. Today's lunchtime was one of the better.

I'm missing some excellent cricket !!!!!! Just seen an execution of a run out that anyone in the game of cricket would have been proud to pull out of the bag. Arran "Deadly" Brindle - take a bow. Shows that the women's game tends to have more skill in than the men's.

One of our Finance Angel's has turned very dark. As if she's seen a ghost, beaten it up and nicked all the hair colour that the ghost had stolen before.

And at the end of the day, the Judge comes looking for help. I'll always help the Judge as she's been very useful in the past. I think she dropped an email and ran today - I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

We've been blessed to have a lot of very bright women involved with the project over the years. Women provide a different perspective to men when it comes to project work. Men tend to be inspired but scattergun (me definitely!), women tend to be organised, super professional and remember everything that needs to be done. I definitely appreciate them keeping me straight over the years. It's kept me out of trouble.

(I better mention Ms Warpath too in case she's peeking ... at a time when we're losing people, it's good to know there's someone with a good head on her shoulders keeping the ship afloat, backed up by our Apprentice on this end)

Back to the cricket ...

The women don't have the power of the men. It makes it a very different game. Instead of power hitting, we see deft touches to avoid the fielders. Instead of 90mph bowling, the fastest we see is Katherine Brunt pinging it down at 70-75mph. That's about the pace I used to bowl at my quickest. There's some incredible skill in the field.

We've already seen Sarah Taylor get the record score in an England shirt and around that was some great fielding by the Aussies (making up for indifferent bowling). Think full length diving catches. We've seen a smartly executed power throw run out by Arran Brindle.

Hopefully we'll see something spectacular from behind the stumps by Sarah Taylor. I have my fingers crossed.

Today was a good day. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. (More sleep will help - don't believe I got much last night ...)

And ... while I was doing my "does this make sense ?" check, England take another wicket. Come on England ! Great job so far, looking good.

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