Saturday, February 23, 2013


(Skin stuff today but there's a couple of extras at the bottom !)

I seem to have that typical Sleepypete thing going again ...

Still battling that skin condition. But. I'm steadily getting more and more useful data. And it seems to be improving too as I get that data.

The overriding theme seems to be that everything that is good for me, isn't. The original problem was an infection in my legs which didn't get cleared out fully. And then when I decided to try and be a bit healthier to give my body more of a chance, I appear to have picked stuff that I react to.

The most spectacular of that seems to be the orange juice and white bread. I've always had a Don't Care attitude to white bread, although I know that brown is healthier. Brown bread is the more pure form, white bread is effectively bleached brown bread. You don't need the extra processing that turns brown bread into white. Anyway, since ditching the orange juice I've only had one minor mouth ulcer (bit myself - ouch) and I've not had a late night "I gotta go to hospital - can't breathe" incident.

So that's a positive.

What I have to do is be a bit more gentle with myself, this weekend will help a lot with that as I intend to chill out to cricket and rugby all day today. It means I can sit on the floor and not wear much (so I don't expose sensitive skin to roughness). Work is ok, it's not that bad under a full sleeve shirt - but being able to chill out is good.

I've had to stop using the moisturizer too. I don't think it was doing me much good. Since I decreased the use of that, my legs have got a lot better. Not perfect, but better. My arms are the nasty looking bit now with very dry skin that's easily damaged.

I have a new plan though ...

Water, water everywhere and I'm drinking a lot of it. Theory - moisturize from the inside instead of the outside. And that seems to be doing some good. In fact, it's another facet where I'm going back to how I used to live.

Another thing I'm suspicious of now is vitamin tablets. They'd been a constant since my skin erupted last year. I've seen steady improvement since stopping them. The suspicion has been kinda confirmed today too with me thinking : "Ok, vitamin tablets = bad, let's go back to milkshakes". Before, I'd have milkshakes using powder laden with vitamin supplements. Theory, if the tablets are bad then let's get the vitamins from the milkshakes. And .... today has been the first time the condition has gone backwards for a while. There must be something in those vitamins that I'm reacting to.

Ah well. Steps forward, steps back. But learning all the time.

Yeah. I think I'm improving, it's definitely more manageable than a few months go. And I have a better idea of what to avoid and what to use. The night moisturizer I have still seems to work too, I just have to be miserly with it.

We'll see how it goes.

Other stuff ?

My likely next car is officially Coming Soon. I love my current Lexus CT. It's a very comfortable cocoon, laden with toys and incredibly smooth and easy to drive. I think it's helping my sore left hamstring to recover. It's economical and has just enough power to keep me happy. But ... I have my eye on the next generation Lexus IS. There's a hybrid version of that which is looking to have just a much MPG but a lot more speed. No sign of a soft top version though and I think I may wait for that.

Check it out : Lexus IS300h.

And talking of cars ... it's insurance renewal time. Admiral have quoted me £350. The meerkats tell me I could get insurance for £200. I wonder if Admiral will try to convince me to stay again like last year ?


  1. If you're using skin products I'd definitely stick to those designed for babies - they're much less likely to irritate the skin.

    Drinking lots of water is good. Not only will it hydrate the body (and your skin) but it'll also wash out any toxins that have been released due to your recent weight loss.

  2. I'm not sure if the baby type washing powder things have done much good but they definitely haven't made things worse.

    Hydrating on the inside rather than the outside seems to be having a benefit, although I need to keep the discipline to not damage myself more.


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