Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Films, fun, pain, phone .... stars !

Hello again. I'm not posting as much as I'd usually do am I !

Stellaris has something to do with that. It's a very addictive space strategy game that draws you in with the openness of its strategic situation and the randomness of what's likely to come next. Recommended if it's the type of game you're likely to enjoy. Very addictive though, if I start a session it'll be hours before I prise myself away.
And that does mean that I get distracted away from tapping the keyboard to let my thoughts escape my head.

Films !

I used up my last Avonmeads voucher to watch Geostorm on Friday. Avonmeads is a bit dated now compared to the other cinemas around but the cinemas it has are spacious and it's a fairly quiet cinema .... Which means less distraction around while you're trying to watch the film. I'm likely to get one or two more vouchers for there and use it as a Friday pm chill out.

Geostorm ? Enjoyable rubbish. It's a science fiction movie about a global weather control system that's going wrong. Cue disasters of epic scale and our heroes going off to fix it. The science of its fiction is awful. A space station that's spinning for artificial gravity .... but the floors are the wrong orientation.

(The idea with centripetal AG is that you spin up a cylinder ... and because objects keep moving until a force acts on them, they move such that you'd be standing on the inside surface of the cylinder. This had actual floors)

But this is the scifi nerd part of me talking there. The have fun watching a movie part of me loved it. As I similarly love The Expanse with its magnetic boots and artificial gravity both by spin and by thrust acceleration.

Last word on Geostorm - if you are flash sensitive, AVOID this movie. There is an extended sequence with very frequent lightning flashes and other sequences with alarm flashers going. It's highly likely to trigger people who are photo/flash sensitive.

Fun ?

Been back in Stellaris and it's a hell of a game. My Thargoid Hive were doing extremely well, getting further than I've gone in the game so far. They're a hive race which .... like my usual race, attempts to eat everyone else. Not quite full Devouring Swarm (mebbe next time) but yep. It's simpler when you eat your enemies in this game. The current game is with a Fanatic Pacifist race which might not go too much further because it's just so difficult to get in a fight with them. I can't declare war, just respond if people declare on me. And I can't trick my way into wars because the race is very limited in options to ally with neighbours and like .... protect them against the other bullying races around them.

Yep. Enjoying Stellaris again.

Pain .....

Yep. Body's not liking me too much at the moment. I'm repairing at last ! It could easily go backwards but my outsides are definitely improving. Slowly but yeah. Definitely better every day. Hopefully all fixed soon ? I hope so because I need new trousers, new shoes and don't particularly want to try shoes until I'm not wearing the bandages on my ankles.

Because the bandages are essentially a second layer and if I size shoes for them, the shoes will be too loose on my already thin feet.

Nah. Pain is because my body is not liking my mineral balance at the moment. The cramp is happening again (partly because Stellaris puts me in a tunnel of focus where I don't realise I need to drink enough!) and it attacks my legs and my side. If the leg cramps .... that's ok. Unless it happens while I'm sleeping and tears the muscle. Yep. No tear today but a fairly severe strain. Oops. I can manage that. But what tends to be total agony is when my side decides to join in .... not much way of breaking that cramp.

I know how to deal with that though. And ... my ideas for mitigating the acid trouble I have seem to be working. Idea 1 - try to avoid snacking too much in the evening, if I fill up my tummy the tummy goes to work making the acid to deal with what's in it. Idea 2 - minty things.

Phone :-)

It's good to have the reliable text messages again. My Samsung Galaxy S7 has issues with receiving text messages. I thought this was fixed by clearing the cache memory but this is only a temporary fix. I'm suspecting that one of the built in Samsung bloatware apps is responsible for intercepting messages. When the warranty expires, I'll root the phone and remove the bloatware. Besides, I don't particularly want Samsung tracking my movements with the phone.

The second phone is a Nokia 125 and .... cheap and cheerful. It does what I want it to do - text messages with the special lovely person. But it seems to have trouble with other things like a Bluetooth connection to the car. It doesn't want to know there. Just means I wait until I'm stopped before reading the message instead of having it pop up on screen. Oh and I took it off charge last Tuesday and one week later, it's just gone down a notch on its battery meter. I'm curious to see how long the battery will last.

Stars !

Gotta admit I haven't been back into Elite since doing a couple more legs on the rares trading route. I should abandon rares trading completely, something about it kills my enthusiasm for the game. Probably the 10 minute wait for the board to refresh and on a lot of stops, you only get a single figure amount of rare goods. Not worth it. I should explore for :
Pretty stars !

The latest expedition will be departing imminently. I think I've missed that but .... I wouldn't want to be part of an exploring group yesterday. I just want the route for seeing the stars.

Enough rabbiting on for now.

I'm looking forward to :
More Stellaris ! Being more aware of how to counter the enemies and going further in the game is .... awakening the interest. Great depth here.
Christmas market. Looks like the German market is back this year after a low rent pretender company last year. Happy Cookie Place returns !
Cookies are awesome.

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