Monday, November 21, 2016

Have a break, have a ...

Nope. Not advertising chocolate biscuit bars today ! Just spotted a meme on the Facebooks and you me and memes ... Yep. Can't resist.

But first ... We had the birthday weekend again this weekend ! Which means seeing the family and the Ben-pup.
Yep. Everyone's still going strong. Ageing perhaps ... but still fighting on. And having our own fun too. Mine involved acquiring bags of bonbons. And then devouring those bags of bonbons. I may have a problem when it comes to bonbons.

My sister liked her birthday present. She got the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. This means I may have to buy one too !!! I got jumpers and a leather jacket to replace some that are getting on a bit and a tad frayed. I'm not good at getting the new clothes.

Travel was ok, I think I got all the travel in before the mayhem that has hit today. There are pictures of parts of Bristol where the water is so high, it is above the window level on parked cars. Wow ! I live in a somewhat higher up part of Bristol and there's good drainage through dykes, so it should be safe from flooding here. I was going to say that the gps on the phone was telling me that I live 70m above sea level. But now it is reporting between 0 and 1m above sea level. Oh well. Time to break out the canoe and snorkel.

(This just tells me that you shouldn't wholly trust gadgets !)

Meme ? Here goes :
1. Are you named after someone?
Don't believe so.
2. What colour is your car?
Grey. It is the Grey Ghost because it's vewy, vewy, qwiet.
3. Do you like your handwriting?
Nah. Too random and I keep missing out random letters. I can barely read it sometimes !
4. What is your favourite lunch meat?
I usually have the turkey in the sandwiches but any fairly low fanciness meats will do me.
5. Do you have kids?
Nah. No kids. But I do borrow the Ben-pup when I visit the parents.
6. Do you use sarcasm?
Definitely ! Sometimes you have to talk other people's language and sarcasm can be the only one they understand.
7. Do you still have your tonsils?
Gargle - yep.
8. Would you bungee jump?
Not likely. Although ... it might help straighten that back out.
9. What is your favourite kind of cereal?
Haven't had cereal in years ...

10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Yep. Cos I can't take them off when the laces are done up. Although I do have a pair of older trainers that I can just slip on and off and they don't fall off.
11. Do you think you're strong?
Emotionally, somewhat. That's the tendency to bounce back when I see someone smiling. Physically, not any more because I haven't been exercising that much as my body repairs.
12. What is your favourite ice cream. 

Gotta be the Mint Choc Chip.
13. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Whether they're smiling, which is when my Big Grin comes out too.
14.Football or Baseball?
15. What is the least favourite thing you like about yourself?
Inertia, or the quality of knowing there is stuff that needs to be done and just not doing it.
16. What colour pants are you wearing now?
UK definition of pants involves underwear ... which I'm not telling. I might not be wearing any ;-) (I am). I'm wearing light coloured greyish running around in trousers that are pretty thick. Good stuff for a colder house :-).

17. What was the last thing you ate?
Box of Maltesers. Surprise chocolate when traffic means heading to the shops for a resupply is a bad idea.
18. What are you listening to right now?
KT Tunstall's album Drastic Fantastic with songs like White Bird.
19. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Huh ?

20. Favourite smell?
Fresh tea cakes.

21. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
The mum ! Making the arrangements for when I'd appear at their place.

22. Favourite sport to watch?
Cricket ! Have even been to games and I pay attention. Most of the time.
23. Hair color?
At the moment ? Mucky blonde. You know, that blonde that isn't white and isn't darker. Something in the middle.
24. Eye colour?
Dunno actually ... I sometimes look but never remember ! I think it changes.

25.Favourite food to eat?
Pizza. But it has a certain effect on me now so I have to ration it. Apart from that, I'm becoming a fan of Wagamamas. And steak. And pasta. Wonder if you can combine all that ?
26. Scary films or happy endings?
Happy endings. I can get caught up in the scaries but unless you don't know where it's going to take its story, I lose interest.
27. Last film you watched?
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home. Still a decent movie but a bit too much on the Earth. I'm looking forward to seeing Rogue One, Passengers and I'm pondering going to see Arrival on Friday. It is Black Friday though, so I may avoid the centre of Bristol on Friday ... it might be mayhem.
28. What colour shirt are you wearing?
I have a green custom t-shirt on. It has a timeline of spacecraft, starting at 0 with the Tardis, going through the space shuttle, an Eagle, Galactica, Enterprise, Serenity before finishing off at infinity with the Tardis again.

Meme done ! But I feel this post will not be complete without ...
More Ben ! A minute before this, he was fast asleep impersonating a sawmill. But then someone ventured near the source of treats ...
Bless 'im. His paw still bugs him but he gets around with a curiously wobbling gait. He must be getting pain from it but it's managed with pills from the vet. He's quite perky for an old dog, although he rations out his effort. He'll bounce, he'll scare off uninvited door stop sales people, then he'll crash.
He's a happy muttley.

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