Friday, April 01, 2016

Beaming Up

This might be the last post I can write for a while.
Yep. They've come to take me away.

That sounds wrong. It's actually a totally willing departure. You see, I appear to have attracted attention from up there. Yep. Up there, in the sky and beyond.

This means I think I've figured out where those hits come from where the country of origin isn't defined. Because there is no country of origin ! They told me that they've been reading what I've written about space, about piloting, about engineering and they think I have potential. Perhaps they are harvesting others too ?

Actually I wouldn't call it harvesting. I'm currently in the orientation centre (they're letting me compose this message as a preparation for what I'll write later) where they are preparing my simulacrum. That's a lifesize replica which will be left behind in my place here. There will be an instantaneous link (don't ask me about the science ... yet ! It's one of the things I fully intend to learn) that means I will be able to talk to people on Earth through a kind of telepresence. So if you talk to me and I seem a little distant, my simulacrum is looking for instructions from me, the one and only original.

How come this is happening now ? Apparently there is trouble coming and they need a few of us humble Earthlings to help keep this trouble at bay. We have a certain ... inspiration ? that will help in their war against the coming threat. They won't tell us what this threat is yet. Come on ! We're not scared ! (Perhaps that's the real reason why they want us on board). They have mentioned the phrase "Cybo-Homo Arcturan Variant" and that these unruly creatures are a threat to all.

I do keep hearing another phrase over and over : "Never give up, never surrender" and the main person we've been liasing with is Grabthar, Hammer of Rigel. That's a great phrase.

They aren't sending us off to the front just yet. We need orientation. To learn what we're getting into. To get us up to speed with the technology. The ways and means of doing things in the Federation. The food ! It's replicated out of pattern. They say it's all the healthy components that make up the diet we need but it doesn't taste healthy. It tastes glorious and in my experience, if it's healthy it's supposed to be yuk.

How can we understand people ?
We got jabbed by these little guys shortly after being beamed up and not long after that, we could understand our alien colleagues. It's going to be strange getting used to the variety of races up here.

This all sounds like I've been abducted doesn't it ? Kinda yeah.

This was all my own choice, although it will hurt to leave a certain few very special people behind. Maybe in the second wave they can come too ? That would be awesome. It would expand the team. Honestly, I just heard the word "SPACESHIP!" and I was gone.
After all, everything is awesome if you're part of a team.

Being brought on board for two things I love dearly was just a bonus. That'd be the engineering that makes these things go and the chance to be pilot. That's what they saw from keeping an eye on me. Someone who would be able to understand the machines, to keep them going, to be that balanced person with a viewpoint that picks people up when they're struggling. To have second specialisations as pilot and trained observer. That's really useful when things get dangerous. Have a crew end up stranded on a planetoid because your one pilot had a mischief happen ? Tragedy. Oh, I was evaluated for a more martial role supporting their stormtrooper corps but they thought I was a little short.

They also want me looking after what they affectionately refer to as Cogs. You wouldn't believe it but these adorable bits of fur are a mix of cat and dog, genetically engineered from specimens taken from our world over a hundred years ago. They combine the loyalty of our cats and dogs, the vigilance of dogs, the cleverness of cats and have the canine and feline parts of their nature acting together in harmony unknown on this planet. Miracles.
I think they added some rabbit too for the improved hearing.

They have massive advances in medical technology too. They can replace my dodgy hip and shoulder with totally organic replacements. That means the replacements are as good as new and work with your body so as to become a part of it. The veterans who spoke with us about it referred to the process as becoming "Whole Again" as the new part is grown from a genetic Marker and reintroduced to replace useless or missing limbs. Magic.

The engineering is something else too ! There are backup panels to control the machines but the main method is through mind power. Through direct neural interface. I had a little try (need training to manage the sensory input load) and as a pilot, it's like you become the ship. Your eyes are the sensors, in all spectra. Your arms and feet are the thrusters. Your circulatory system becomes the power, air, fluids that keep the ship going.

Yet the technology is a mix of organic and mechanical. Cyborg if you will. That's so that the systems can repair themselves and survive without power when necessary. Organic is supplemented by the machine, the machine is repaired by the organic.

What's that ! I hear sirens as the FIF Iceangel (Federation Induction Frigate or FIFI as the crew call her) is being called to alert and Grabthar is waving urgently. Gotta go !

See you around the galaxy!


  1. You crazy Iceangel :)

  2. Haha always ! Oh - I asked Grabthar, there's room for a druid here :-).

    (PS clarification if it's needed, the "homo" above comes from homo sapien/neanderthal, I was struggling for words to make that acronym !)


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