Monday, February 29, 2016

More Tireds

So tired at the moment !

It's frustrating too because I know there is energy in me somewhere, it just refuses to fire. Actually it does, when messages from interesting people come in, I'll perk up, bounce around in excitement for a bit and then try and calm down the Grin enough to give a sensible answer.

Yep. Mostly introvert but I do have a particular hankering to interact with people.

I do know part of why I'm really tired today. I found an iOS game called Best Fiends yesterday and ... drained the iPad battery playing it. That means it's so addictive I'm going to try avoiding it in future because it's really not healthy to get that addicted to something so quickly. Good game though.

Oh and it got in the way of me building ... a rather complicated Nanoblock kit yesterday. (Ha ! Not giving away what it is until the pictures come and they will be spectacular). I've ordered some more nanoblocks actually ...
Yep. They had a dwagon and I had to have it. They have more Pokemon figures actually, I've actually ordered the set but I think I'll be waiting a couple of weeks before they arrive. They're not quite as accessible as Lego is ...

That's weird isn't it ? You would have thought the laws of supply and demand would dictate the opposite of :

Lego - easily available therefore high supply - high price.
Nanoblocks - rare in GB (made in Japan), very low supply - low price.

That'll be the demand side of that law. Everyone wants Lego. Yep. Admit it. You too. You can't go past the Lego in the shop without a little smile remembered from that part of you which is still a child. Never let go of that part of yourself. It's where the Fun comes from.

Nah. Chilling out with music and videos at the moment. That said, there aren't actually that many interesting gaming videos coming out at the moment. If it's not Minecraft (yawn), it's Far Cry Primal (deeper yawn). I'm currently half listening to an XCom 2 video, may actually play that tonight after cracking and buying it over the weekend.

What's XCom ? It's a game from way, way back. You command a squad of soldiers, eventually going up to about half a company in the old game. The old game was very much a grind though, it was much improved (This is HERESY to fans of the old game*) when the original (UFO Enemy Unknown) was remade into XCom Enemy Unknown a few years ago. The gameplay was tightened up, everything that got in the way of enjoyment was stripped out and they came out with an absolute triumph.

*Game fans tend to be very ... energetic with their fandom of games. I probably upset half the gaming video population by saying Minecraft is a yawn. It's the wrong idea - gaming should be about the fun, not the "my game is better than your game" playground antics. Besides, one person's favourite game (Minecraft) is another's insomnia cure. People will think my Most Played Game Of All Time (Master of Orion 2) is an appalling waste of time but ... it wasn't my MPGOAT for nothing ! Hopefully the new one measures up.

While I'm at it - part of my chill out has involved having streams on and one of the better ones is HeyChrissa (who I've linked before). She only has a small audience at the moment and deserves much more. Great style and fun to be around. (@heychrissa on Twitter which will get you to her Twitch channel which has more links). Oh and there's a 20% off code there too which will save you cash on games as well as put pennies in her Get Chrissa A Lego XWing fund.

Oh boy !

I started this one with a general plan of nattering a little before linking a list of music tracks for you all to listen to. I guess I needed to natter more than a little !

Oh - really looking forward to London Comic Con at the end of May (this is partly my habit of immediately thinking of a different Pretty Lady after talking about another and I'll hopefully be escorting said Pretty Lady to London CC). That should be amazing and not just for Pretty Lady's cosplay. I have a ... slightly cheaty idea for a cosplay. Think James Bond. Best idea I have at the moment and it'll look very dapper.

Music ? I guess there's still a little time for some tunes.
I'm getting close to halfway through the library listened to since I reset the playcounts. (This is going to be an excuse to listen to some of the best again). Some tunes are awesome for closing the ears and fading into the music.

Possibly my most favourite track at the moment is Ting Tings The Wrong Club. Great simple song, beautiful singer doing the dancing and a message in the lyrics that I think most of us can relate to.

The last album I listened to was Life by the Cardigans, which is their happiest album with songs like Fine. Guaranteed to get you chair bopping as soon as that bass line starts up and humming along when Nina Persson's voice perfectly complements it.

Next album up is Snow Patrol's possibly finest, Eyes Open with songs like Chasing Cars. Bit melancholy but always a classic.

Coming soon will be Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love. One of the best albums of all time, not just for the commercial oriented songs on side 1 like Cloudbusting and Running Up That Hill but for a side 2 where each song magically flows into the next. Highlight of that - Jig Of Life.

I've been listening to Carly Rae Jepsen's two albums as well. And the highlights of those have to be Call Me Maybe (and I'm chairbopping again) and the track that brought her to my attention, I Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really (ok, maybe not that many) Like You.

Going back a bit, Simon and Garfunkel had their own magic that got you sitting up and listening. I currently have Cloudbusting going on the desktop (sounds mighty fine with the new sound gear too !) and Simon and Garfunkel's He Was My Brother going over the hifi. They are competing for my singing along tendency ! (PS Bridge Over Troubled Water - give it a listen and remember how good they could be)

Back to someone more modern and another Pretty Lady - Mindy Gledhill with songs like I Do Adore. You can't deny the cute.
(Yep, another Pocket Dragon I really need in the collection).

One more ?

Ok. Just one. Alisha's Attic The Incidentals. For one of you lovely readers in particular.

(Gonna hit publish now but I'm going to be back filling in the links to youtube vids as I listen to and vet them)

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