Thursday, October 15, 2015

Brain fried ... send cookies

One more day in work until a little break !
Yep. Time for a little break. The usual signs of me getting into mental fatigue is that I miss words out or occasional words get mixed with words that shouldn't be there. I see this when I look back on posts I've published or emails I send. Perhaps in texts I write !

Yep. Week off next week, it's me taking the opportunity to recharge a bit before the mayhem leading up to Xmas starts. I have plans ... Daft plans but still plans.

Definitely pizza tomorrow night, I picked up a copy of Mad Max Furiosa Road last night which is almost certainly going to accompany the pizza. That's another sign of tired ! MMFR was part of a 2 for £ deal and when a lovely lady asked me what the other one was earlier, I just could not remember. (I peeked, it's the rather decent Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes).

I also picked up the Indiana Jones movies too (all 4) and a copy of Laura Marling's A Creature I Don't Know. The Jones movies are something I've intended to pick up for a while now. I owned the box set of the first 3 on dvd, my dad had number 4. So I donated my dvd copies to my dad to complete his set with the intention of upgrading to the bluray box set "soon". Haha, they finally dropped to an acceptable price.

That's one daft thing about the shops ... They do 2 for £ deals, 3 for £20, 5 for £30 deals. You'll only go for those deals if you can pick out enough movies to make up the 3 or the 5. With me yesterday, I couldn't see anything really suitable to go with Furiosa Road. Why did I get Apes ? Erm ... I needed the loo. Oops. Never let yourself be rushed into buying things for the wrong reasons.

It's daft though - I can rarely pick out enough for the 3 for or 5 for deals. Yet if they just made them cost £6 each, my bluray collection would ... need another set of shelves. But with me not seeing enough for the 3/5 for, they stay on the shop shelves.

It's not just the movies though, Laura Marling was a speculative buy at £3 for that album. Plus I'll pick up a few more from Rudimental, Gabrielle Aplin and ... more that my brain is too fried to remember. Oh ! Yeah. Ellie Goulding has a new one coming out soon, as does Mindy Gledhill.

I'm getting sidetracked ...

Yeah ! Stuff while away. Need the boiler sorted out, that's been going on far too long and it's now struggling to give suitable amounts of hot water. Not so good. I like that feeling of nicely hot water on my back, it helps ease out some of the stiffness in the back and shoulders.

Catching up with the recorded stuff ! At the moment it's a couple of episodes of Castle. Not sure where that series is going. It's in its 7th series now. It's been very good but has it been going on too long ?

There's cricket on at the moment too, although it's the kind of cricket you leave on in the background all muted. I'll time-delay (start of play is 7am) watch a few days of it.

There's another Comic Con on in London on the weekend of Fri 23 to Sun 25. I'm curious about this, tempted to go. But ... it's way better in company and one lovely lady comic con addict is still struggling with a poorly ankle. That's not good if the trip involves walking into the halls (1+ mile from the underground station last time) and lots more walking. London Comic Con is an insanely long day compared to the one in Birmingham. Better to save it for when you're more ready for all the walking.

I'd go on the Friday when one of the best (naughtiest ?) laughs and wisest voices on youtube will be gracing the stands with her presence. I think one of the sweetest voices will be there too. (The laugh would belong to Kim and the voice to Hannah). I don't watch nearly as much gaming stuff on Youtube now but I still watch most of what Hannah and Kim come out with. It's just way better quality than what the men come out with. With the ladies, it's fun with a lot of professionalism behind it. The typical bloke youtuber just screams, carries on and acts like a child to the point where their voices will carry through walls to where more professional people are trying to record with the idiot voice being picked up on the other person's videos.

You can probably tell how my attitude differs between the various people on the youtubes.

It won't all be lazing about though. Need to make a dent in cleaning the house up and getting it all in order. It would be kinda nice to have visitors again sometime ... That was actually what kicked off the Mall run last night, having another peek around Wickes and B+Q for Stuff. One of those has another 50% off offer going on bathroom stuff again, the last one of those AND NEVER COMING AGAIN ! was in May. This latest version ends in November and you can bet there will be another after that.

Lesson for this post - buy stuff when it's convenient for you, not when the people wanting your money want you to buy.

That kinda sounds like the "Do what your enemy doesn't want you to do" quote doesn't it. I guess it applies ! The commercial people want your money, you should be looking to give them as little as you can get away with.

Right - mental energy flagging - be well people.
And there's a good chance that'll be me on Caturday.

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