Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hug ! time

This one's for a very special little lady who is immobilised at the moment due to a poorly ankle.

Now how can we cheer her up ? Actually, this one's for everyone who could do with a little cheering up right now. Yep. You ! Now what do I have in those archives ...

Perhaps ... The blankets have subverted our dear one and that's why she can't get up ?
I hope all her friends can keep her sane.
I tried sanity. It's over rated and boring.

May she have protectors in her hour of need :

 Hopefully she'll enjoy a quieter time for a bit :
Have lots to keep her mind busy :
(she's a smart one, this will take some doing !)
So many worlds to lose ourselves in with the books.

But may it be soon that we can give this little lady what she really, really wants ...
Ok. Maybe not the cookies :
(wait for it, it's worth it !)

Get well soon Cupid's Gift :-)

PS Facebook doesn't seem to want to let me add gif's to send to someone so ...

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