Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Genius and Understanding

I have pictures today !

Two of em ...

First up - the Crazie mob are off to the movies again. We're looking forward to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. There's been lots of praise for this one already. I dunno what the critics are saying (they don't like the movies I like) but word of mouth has it that this one is awesome. Perhaps we need more like it ?
Haha - Firefly (and Serenity) was awesome. It had its characteristic setting, which ranged from rustic rural cowboy ranching to ultra modern scifi cities. It was based on a small transport ship which had character all of its own. The crew was an assortment of richly varied characters. You could tell how they'd react (well, apart from Mal) but it was absolutely gold how they interreacted.

Yet a series which was so well received, was so well written, had so much more going for it than the average Star Trek (I'm a fan of Star Trek but it could be very patchy in quality) and had so much potential to go places got canned after 15 episodes only to be resurrected for the single spin off movie, Serenity.

A waste of so much potential. The lead, Nathan Fillion, is doing ok - he's been the lead on Castle for I think 7 seasons now and still keeping that interesting.

Other pic ? Here we go :
I've been on the Okcupid again.

I've got a profile there that I think is pretty decent. I believe it's well written but still has that distinct character I try and put in most of my writing (the formal stuff has rules). I have one of my better selfie style pictures on it. Yet ... no one looks at the profile. Not even in response to :

Peeking at other people's profiles
Sending messages to other users there

(You can trust me - they're appropriate non creepy messages although I have told one person that I recognise her from other stuff)

Yet at work and outside, hell even in Sainsburys tonight, the Big Grin gets its people joining in with big smiles of their own. It's pretty universal. Women see the SleepySmile directed their way, they smile back. It's as if they can't help themselves.

You can probably tell I'm very happy about that.

However - I would like that SleepySmile effect to be special for a particular person. Who'd I like that person to be ? I dunno yet. There's a couple of very special ladies who I have had my eye on. One's at work, one's online. I'm not sure about the one at work, I think she may be involved with someone else which is where I steer clear. But the one online is actively looking for someone, yet doesn't reply to messages that effectively say "Hey ! Here I am !" (not in those words - lol).

One of them was pretty much "Seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet ?" which is effectively the point of that site, to get together singles who would otherwise not meet.

So yeah,

I'm at that table, sipping me pint (of coke), wondering if I'll ever understand that section of society that makes life worth living. Perhaps I need someone female to give that profile a good going over ? Saying that, it needs people to actually look at the profile for that to do any good.

Wish me luck !

PS It's still a little too early really. I'm not healed (by a long shot). Some of the damage fixes within days, most of the damage is lingering. My ankles are really sore and swollen. But ... there is light at the end of that there tunnel, it is improving and I'm understanding the condition better.

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