Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday randomness

I keep getting posts brewing in my head, being all distracting like at all the wrong times. But when it comes to when I have chance to tap them in here, are they still there ? Nope. Empty head.

Let's see if I can remember a few of them ...

Saturday saw me venture out of the house (didn't want too, felt gross) to head off to the Lexus garage. I'd been invited to a sales event ... So I went along, mostly to gain a bit of intelligence. We didn't actually talk numbers in the end. I like Lexus. Not just for their cars (which are special) but you're buying into exceptional customer service when you pay into the club.

It feels very strange to be actively considering changing the best car I've owned, only 2 years into owning it. I'm a big fan of my Lexus CT (I'll say again why in another post some time) but I always knew that it wasn't quite quick enough to keep me totally happy. It's quick up to 20-30mph but then the rather anaemic engine takes over the main duty. I always knew something better was coming "soon". That's going to be the new Lexus IS. Bigger engine, bigger motor, more toys.

Toy count matters.

But yeah - at no time at the Lexus garage was I pressured into considering going into another Lexus CT. I'll be back there in 6 or 12 months and the story might be different. The IS300h costs somewhat more though, which puts a dampener on the enthusiasm.

I've got a new signature habit at work :-)

No - it's not avoiding writing a signature due to my hands wanting to cramp up on me (that's a serious issue), it's the hat. I'm still in the Ashes hat I bought from Lords. I'll wear the hat when I'm outside. It was essential for bus runs because it keeps the rain off. But at least I acknowledge one sensibility, I don't wear it when I'm indoors.

Unlike another person at work who walks through the floorplate with a cowboy hat on. I think it's surgically attached ...

Ashes ! Good day today in the cricket. This game's been one of the better games. The pitch has kept things interesting by allowing help for the bowlers while also giving the batsmen a chance. We've seen a couple of centuries by the batsmen and a few 5 wicket hauls by the bowlers. I wouldn't have bowled well there, it needed a faster, bouncier bowler - I was more of a kiss the pitch swing bowler.

Today summed it up well - we had the Tail End Fun Club come out to play for England. You'll often see cases in cricket where the proper batsmen struggle to do anything while playing defensively. Then the bowlers (the tail end) will come out and smash the ball to all parts. They don't last long ... but they can get enough runs to make a difference.

That's how it happened today, England's Tail End Fun Club pushed a difficult target out into "haha you lose" territory. And then the Aussie batsmen come out and start making it look easy ... Was getting pretty nervous at work. It was a different story when I got home with the shopping, wickets started falling and England won with a little bit to spare.

Yippee !

I have the highlights on at the moment. Nope. I'm not being sad. I just left the telly on the same sports channel and I'm listening to music while tapping this out.

Oh - that's an indication of how gross I was feeling on Saturday. Plan A was to go shopping after Lexus and fill the car up with fuel (400 miles on 34 litres). Plan B was to hide and hope my skin would settle down. I have a critical need to avoid stress right now, as stress leads to me attacking the bad bits. But that said, I'll not hesitate to help out a friend if they need it.

It's what I do.

I've been collecting the music again ... Adverts have a tendency of selling the wrong thing when it comes to me. I'll ignore the subject of the advert and listen to the music. This time it's Nouvelle Vague with Dancing With Myself. I dunno what the advert was for but a little Youtube surfing later ... Hannah Peel was the same, she's the one who sung Tainted Love on the Corsodryl advert.

And ... the highlights just got to the good bit of the cricket, when England started turning over the Aussies. Post time !

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